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97 thoughts on “Vegan Ground Beef! My High Protein Meat Substitute

  1. So your Theory is that Cows should not exist at all?!? You said they are "Bad for the Environment…" WTF? So they shouldn't exist, but we shouldn't eat them?!?

  2. LOVE this. Very unique, I tried finding mushroom seasoning on amazon but couldnt. If you ever come across some on the internet, link us to it please ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You for real have my favorite cooking channel on youtube and there are ALOT of cooking channels on youtube.

  4. I am glad I found your channel and really like your recipes and videos, you made them so fun and educational to watch. I am not 100% Vegan yet but I am going toward that path. ย Would like to see a recipe with "Tofu", it's a source of protein too. Keep up your great work !!

  5. yes MSG is harmless UNLESS YOUR ALLERGIC TO IT for me its a small thing IT STOPS ME FROM BREATHING so ya need to stop making blanket statements before ya get some one killed with bad advice

  6. MSG is mega bad for you yes it occurs naturally in foods but your talking about MSG made in a lab. Nice recipe though thanks for sharing

  7. we asians grew up with msg.its part of our cuisine..i dont think its bad..and we use a little only..i usually use a teaspoon,.

  8. Recently switched to a mostly plant based diet and was struggling with meal ideas ๐Ÿ’ก you've literally saved the day! Love the recipes you come up with! So unique and delic!

  9. i was looking for something to make chorizo with and this seems like it will be perfect. can't wait to try


  11. MSG may be great but in my family it gives migraines so it is best to substitute when you can. Just something that some people don't know about MSG

  12. MSG is very harmful!! Its been linked to all kinds of illnesses. It works by exciting the brain. So when you taste it and it taste good its not because it taste good to you tongue but rather you brain. After it excites your brain it actually kills off brain cells.

  13. I wrote a 28-page research paper on MSG, it is not safe. I totally disagree. Too much evidence contradicts such a statement, which is why we see no msg on packages. Good recipe minus the msg. Anything with mushrooms seems to be delicious.

  14. if MSG is harmless people wouldnt have these adverse reactions. when i consume something with MSG i break out in hives all over, so i would never purposely add it to my food.

  15. Well…. I'm dubious about rice and quinoa making a ground beef replacement. But I'll probably try it this winter when it's a good time to cook things up and try new things.
    Oh and thank you for posting a vegan recipe๐Ÿ‘. It's good to try different possibilities… you never know what is gonna stick for you when you are trying to replace all the ordinary foods. So much appreciated.

  16. Would white rice work for this instead of brown? I also can't get msg or mushroom flavor atm, do you think subbing meat tenderizer would have the same flavor effect?

  17. This looks amazing…Im gonna give it a try and Ive also noticed (not sure why) but when I eat black beans I dont have sugar cravings I lost 10 lbs just by eating it…Thx for the video ๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. you're one of the few vegans i've encountered on youtube that doesn't just reject MSG outright and bases their opinions off of actual science. as a biochemist it frustrates me how pervasive pseudoscience is in the vegan and vegatarian community, to the point that some people are outright antiscience. in any case, i've been looking for alternative recipes that aren't just made from processed starches like in a lot of prepackaged foods, and this seems perfect. also, i'm not sure what the specific ingredients are for the bag of mushroom seasoning you have, but if anyone watching this can't find any locally, you can also look up recipes to make it from home ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Everybody can find an Asian granulated or powdered mushroom bouillon which is exactly what is in that bag. I live in Portland Maine and I have a can in my kitchen. I use it and everything and you can't really taste the mushrooms but it's an Umami bomb! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the same brand of MSG as well MSG is found naturally in in fruits and vegetables and it has been found in no study to correlate to headache or allergy or any sort of reaction in the body. It is such an old wives tale that people actually will get a headache if they know they're eating it. 4 years my mother ate Chinese food back in the day and said she had a headache and didn't feel well. I have been cooking for her since then using MSG in most of my food and she has had no reaction because she didn't know it was there. Also Chinese restaurants removing MSG has made Chinese food taste like crap! I don't like Black beans. I'm also vegan. Elizabeth MD Ph.D specialized nutritional science

  20. Hi I hope you don't mind that I added this to a private link called vegan heaven. It is a collab with YouTube and it will eventually become a cookbook will the working title at the moment of YouTube's best of vegan vibe. If you would like me to remove it please let me know. Everyone will receive credit and everyone will have a blurb regarding them before their recipe.

  21. Wrong answer! MSG is not harmless. Wrong! Nice recipe, but bad medical advice. Check the medical study libraries before dispensing medical advice.

  22. K. So I loved watching this. You're very charismatic. Looks yummy, and I'm hungry af rn, so I'm stoked that I can do something w the qunioa in the cabinet, because we don't like it usually.

  23. Cows terrible for us yet msg is good. Lol. I need to try this recipe. Recipe looks good minus the msg and the tblespn of salt. Ty

  24. Iโ€™ve become plant based in my diet and found this video! Thank you for posting. Iโ€™m going to make Korean Bim Bim Bap with this!

  25. I am tending toward a plant based diet myself,,mainly for health reasons, but still treat myself to a hamburger on Friday night. Do you have any recipes for hamburger patty substitutes? .

  26. How much retinol, aka pure vit A is in that make believe meat? No its not just about the protein and Caretinoids are NOT the same as Retinoids. I mean eat if you like it but jes saying so long as you know the diff…

  27. This is a great recipe, I make something similiar, very moorish and satisfying. I will look for mushroom seasoning, I bet it's great. Just on the cautious note, some people can be very alleric to MSG, I get immediate headache, nausia and numbness if I consume it; I am very sensitive to some other ingredients, too, like yeast etc…

  28. OMG! Can't believe you are talking like that about MSG-saying it is harmless! Please do a research! MSG iS A POISON TO OUR BODIES!!!

  29. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I grew up on a farm and like cows, they are beautifull animals. I wonder if one day when more and more people become vegan, will cows still be raised? Raising cows take a lot of work and if they are not used as a source of food, I think their numbers will decrease. However if we find them another use such as pets, they could live amongs us. Maybe that is what they are doing in India with the sacred cows.

  30. I love when I accidentally find a vegan when looking for a different topic. Found you in your 10 kitchen utensil video!!

  31. Why is everyone freaking out about the MSG. It was OPTIONAL in this video and he also gave a substitute for it. So don't execute him for his choice, just don't use it in your recipe.

  32. lol dude is in denial trying to convince himself msg is perfectly healthy. use portabella or porcini mushroom powder, or any fresh mushrooms except shiitake(not good) for umami flavor… K? thx

  33. Great idea to stir in your pan with a metal spoon. Add some MSG, and maybe another teaspoon of salt. No harm done at al. First of all, wooden spoon, otherwise you damage the pot, and mix some of those metals with your food, then replace salt with Keltic sea salt, and I believe, looking at those comments, I don't need to say anything about MSG.

  34. Hi there marlon….. So Im thinking of going vegan and I saw this video of yours…. My question is…. If I have a taco spice packette that I really like the taste of…. How would I be able to incorporate it into this recipe vs the spices you used ….I wanna use it for soft tacos

  35. Can I make that in slow cooker?
    & tq for sharing the great recipe..
    ๐Ÿ‘ for that.. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Ž

  36. I make my own Mushroom Umami flavours. Try grinding dried shiitake and kombu for a powder, add miso to it for a paste. Honestly there's no need to search for expensive obscure packages.

  37. When you said MSG is okay & proceeded to tell people how harmless & good it was, you lost me before I could subscribe.
    I hope others know better & take you to school on this, if not all of you should look into this issue.

  38. I tried your recipe today and love it. However I did make a mistake by grabbing the millet seed instead of quinoa. Even with the error, it is still good. I can't wait to make some corn tortillas.

  39. Just call it what it is – it's not vegan ground beef because it's NOT BEEF!!!! It's ironic that we name non-meat foods by using the "meat" word – e.g.: steak,sausage etc. It's ground mushroom….

  40. What I do is buy whole mushrooms, rinse good, chop/dice and then dehydrate in my Excalibur. When dry then grind into coarse or fine powder. Ground like diced garlic, I use that in things like what you are making here and the fine ground, I use in soups and such (would add to this too) and then add Real Salt from Utah per taste โ€ฆโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Oh yes, the reason I tried this before (drying my own mushroom and grinding them) was as a substitute for gravy! Sorry for second post, could not edit the first one, it would not let me

  42. You vegans are the strangest lot. You don't eat meat, you don't want other people to eat meat because it's "cruel," you don't want animals being killed to eat, but yet you eat "pretend" meat. So if you are REALLY against eating meat and LOVE your plant diet, you shouldn't be pretending to eat meat because then you're "pretending" to eat something from an animal. See how illogical that is? You shouldn't be promoting ANYTHING similar to meat at ALL if you're all into NO MEAT! Might as well make a big cow out of plants and then chop it up to eat. So in reality, you're hypocrites because you're promoting eating "meat" in another form. This is insanity!

  43. MSG is harmful! Not good for anyone of us. People with asthma, bronchritis, dry scalp…this can aggravate. For the rest of us, will feel extremely thirsty if you use more. It is taste enhancer unable to taste the natural taste of otger ingredients. A BIG NO to MSG

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