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I already made a guide on fetal 3K and absolutely blew up and currently see most popular video on my channel. So some stuff has changed. And in this video. I’m going to cover everything for the setup to get the Emulator working. So there are three things you need. First of all, of course, you need a vita 3K, the actual emulator you need the PS Vita update software and you also need the ROMs of course. So keep that in mind. So I’ll get the emulator go to Vita. 3K dot-org and here you can go right to download or here pick, whatever build you need. I’m going to show how to use on windows. So I’m going to use that so grab from affair. Once you’re over here, just click the latest build. It should be right here. Download this wherever you want for me, it is an emulator in a PS Vita but it is up to you where you want to keep it. So just make something which is organized for you. So while this is downloading, let’s head over to the PlayStation sites to download the latest PlayStation Vita firmware. This is also linked in the emulator itself, but I’m going to drop the link in the description below so you can find it very easily. So right here click agree and download now again download this wherever you want. It doesn’t really matter since you will be Installing it later on. So click save and it will download keep in mind. This can take a few seconds because it’s quite a large file. So now let’s show it in the folder and right here. We got the latest Vita three game master. If you can’t extract this just download WinRAR or 7-Zip both work and then right-click it and extract it to a folder that is really recommend for me. And then you get these folders right here. You can see Vita 3 K Dot Exe make sure to double click it and open it up. It will take a second and then you will be greeted with this screen right now go to file and here click install firmware. No, go to the files that we just downloaded to and PS Vita and the PS Vita update dot pop click this click open and it will install for you while this installing v3k may see as not responding. Don’t worry. It’ll just installing any program doesn’t respond. Well it’s doing it. So just be patient and wait until it’s done. Once it is done, it will say firmware installation and it is successfully installed and right here. It will show the firmware version. You can also delete the installation file. So it does pop if you want so that’s going to save some space. You can check it right here. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep it make sure it is unchecked if you want to delete it. Just check it and press ok. So now let’s actually install a game for this click file and then here click install game and go to wherever you got your ROMs. So for me this in this folder, And there are two ways to install it. First of all, you can install it dot V PK and make sure this dumped via my dumper. Otherwise, it won’t work in the emulator so vitamin dumps and don’t work. So keep that in mind. So then simply double click it or click it and click open and it should install and it takes about and then installs and then you’re good to go. So there it shows the game and there also is another way of installing games for this again go to install game. And if you got a decrypted dump right here for Persona 4 Golden, for example, you can just zip all the contents of this folder and the zip also installable. So if you click the zip and click open, it will open up an installed just like the dot V PK style and this also works. So keep in mind. Both things are usable. So simply click open and it will take a second to install. Arterial disease successfully installed the game Persona 4 Golden and then version 1.0. And again, you can select to delete package or don’t I’m going to keep it for if I ever want to reinstall v23 guy and then you got these two games. So first of all, if you right-click the game you can hear click boots. You can copy the game info view bonds. You can open the folder and you can delete the game and a little Shader lock and here’s some general information opening the folder and then clicking game can be Very useful if you would see where the game is installed 30 Games installed in fetal 3K and then you x0 app and then game right here. And before we are going to start the game Let’s head over to configuration and here you can click settings and here are some really basic settings. So here you can enable or disable some core things don’t really recommend changing any of this unless you know, what you’re doing for the GPU again don’t change any of this unless you know what you’re doing and this actually is for pretty much everything in the system here. You can change the console language if you want so that can be really useful. I’ll see the enter button can be configured right here. For the emulator right here. You can select what log left you want. So Trace debug errors again doesn’t really matter unless you’re troubleshooting something right here in the GUI. You can hear make it visible when playing games and here just do whatever you want and increase the icon size doesn’t really matter again. And for the debug don’t touch this if you are a developer, you probably already know how to do this stuff. So now let’s actually put into a game simply double-click it. And then press starts and it should load up. So now this is actually a game which doesn’t display any graphics. So you won’t see anything would you can hear the music and one thing I do want to mention there is a Persona 4 Golden builds. So if you want to try a Persona 4 Golden, which is probably the most anticipated game for this emulator, you can use this build. I will leave it in the pinned comment below. So make sure to check it out and if there’s something in development happening to Persona 4 Golden, I will leave it there again. So now I’m going to close this window. And open up the folder where we got the PS4 update stuff. And right here, I got the Deep Persona 4 Golden builds. So again, this will be linked in the pins comments. So once you open up a Vita 3K, and by the way, if you’re going to download this make sure to delete the config dot. Yml right here. If you got any issues this could cause some issues. So double click it and it will open up in just a second and right here. You can see Persona 4 Golden if you double click it, it will run and the graphics aren’t perfect and the performance isn’t the best but it is working and that’s already a great feat and it’s really fun to just mess around with it. So I hope you saw this game does actually work and I really hope you enjoyed this. Video and found it useful if you’ve got any questions or something isn’t working make sure to ask in the comments below or simply ask in the Discord or my Twitter or Facebook. I’m available pretty much anywhere. So if you got any issues, just let me know and I will try to help you. So again, I hope you enjoyed it and it was useful and I’ll see you in another video.

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19 thoughts on “Vita3K Full Setup Guide | PlayStation Vita Emulator

  1. Persona 4 Golden buids:

    (make sure to delete the config file)

  2. working persona 4 golden , huge step forward to the future now hopefully atlus will release their gams on the switch and pc as well

  3. We need more Patrons on their Patreon page. So far, only 50 patrons and the amount raised per month is 152. Imagine what they can do with a monthly budget of 2000-3000 dollars like RPCS3.

  4. I hope this emulator gets to be on par with Yuzu and RPCS3. The only games I'm interested for the vita are Tales of Hearts R and Persona 4 Golden.

  5. This is amazing, keep up the work and I am sorry I missed the last video, I also have a question, does it run all commercial games or only homebrew. Thank you! (I want to run dragon quest builders pretty bad). Keep up the work and I will support you to one Million

  6. thank you for this video is very detailed, i've been looking for this emulator for years, good thing they're finally doing one, i just hope that in a year or so other games get added

  7. It's amazing to see that a Vita emulator is getting closer to general functionality with games
    I can't wait for the winter uni break (June/July), and hopefully a solid build will be ready, and I'll be finished with 3FES so I can play 4G and complete the mainline Persona trilogy (then I'll probably move to 3/4 spinoffs and all the dancings (and probably also the Q series), Scramble I'm planning to play immediately after the dub releases because 5's story was really cool and I want to see the continuation already, and Royal I'll figure out later down the line).
    Really wanted to play Golden, and when I was looking into the game a month ago it looked like Vita3K was never going to get updated in time for me to enjoy Golden at a similar timeframe to the others, but looking at this (ignoring the visual errors that are there) is exciting.

  8. Great video! One thing to note, I got an error when running your PS4 build stating "VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found". I had to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019. See link here from Msft

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