Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Mask

So now we want to close up her pores with
a nice vitamin C facial mask. And this is going to help secure her skin to avoid any,
you know, bacteria that’s hanging out to infect any of her pores or anything, because there’s
vitamin C in this product as well. It’s toning, firming, and brightening for the skin. It
smells really good. It has a nice citrus smell. And it’s also anti-aging. So you have all
these wonderful benefits just in this one product. And by getting this treatment, once
a month, usually or even using any home care products with a little bit of vitamin C in
them, will help accomplish a brighter appearance in your skin tone and also of texture. And
we’ll let her sit with the mask for about ten minutes. And while she sits we’re just
going to let her relax with the mask and move on to a shoulder massage.

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