Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Steaming

So I’m going to come over and turn on my steamer.
And, it takes, usually just a few minutes to warm up, and as that’s warming up, I’m
going to get our next product which is our enzyme. And the enzyme is an exfoliant. Very
mild and gentle. It’s not granule or abrasive at all. It actually acts as, like, a tiny
pac-man on the skin’s surface, and it eats away at the dead surface skin. Really leaving
the skin super soft and hydrated, and clear of any congestion. And with the combination
of an enzyme and the steam, it just gives you really outstanding phenomenal results.
And, this also helps prepare the skin for extractions. And, extractions is when we clean
the skin out of, you know, congested pores, whether it be dirt and oil, or blackheads,
or whiteheads, but this is going to help prepare that skin for that step. So that we’re not
forcing anything out of the skin that’s leaving damage or scarring to the skin. So you just
spread around the enzyme like so, you don’t have to rub it in, you just kind of spread
it around on the surface. And make sure that steam is hitting her directly right on her
face here. Jen, are you feeling the steam pretty good? OK. And so this is, we’re going
to allow her to steam for about ten minutes and that’s really going to allow her pores
to open up and to really embrace the enzyme so that her skin gets the maximum benefits
of this treatment.

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