Vitamin C Serum घर में बनाने का तरीका और उपयोग || DIY Vitamin C Serum & Usage (Home Made)

Hi friends, nowadays many people are asking me the benefits of Vitamin C and the correct method of using Vitamin C In this video I have explained the benefits of Vitamin C as also how to use it in the form of a Serum And finally, I have explained how you can make Vitamin C serum at home Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin In order to keep our body healthy, we need between 75mg to 100mg of Vitamin C daily But our body does not produce Vitamin C naturally That is why we have to obtain this vitamin from our food Citrus fruits, such as lemon, oranges and amla as well as green vegetables, contain Vitamin C in adequate quantities When there is a shortage of Vitamin in the body the body feels tired joint pains and aches occur gums get swollen gums also start bleeding and teeth may also begin to fall The skin also gets prone to different kinds of allergies and the skin also becomes very sensitive the hair growth also stops and hair start turning frizzy and thin Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant it helps the body get rid of free radicals and waste products and it also helps in repairing damaged tissue Vitamin C also reduces blood pressure and protects us from heart attacks and memory loss It also gives our immunity a boost, thereby helping the body fight off infections In skin care, Vitamin C is very important Application of Vitamin C serum daily on the skin reduces wrinkles and fine lines clears blemishes and imparts a glow to the skin For oral consumption, you can purchase LIMCEE or CELIN 500mg tablets from the medical store and consume 1 tablet daily However, these tablets should NOT be used to make SERUM To make serum, you must use only pure ASCORBIC ACID POWDER the vitamin C serum sold in the market is very expensive that is why I will tell you a simple way to make Vitamin C serum at home But first, you must note some important points the active form of Vitamin C which enters the skin and keeps it healthy is known as L-ASCORBIC ACID this gets spoiled if exposed to light that is why it must always be stored in a dark coloured bottle and should be stored in the fridge At any one time, you should make only that much serum, which will last you 7-10 days and all the ingredients used for making serum, should be kept in a cool, dry place, in an airtight container Meaning that you must never store Ascorbic Acid Powder in the open and also protect it from direct light Additionally, it is always most beneficial to use Vitamin C serum at NIGHT All the ingredients needed to make Vitamin C serum can be found easily on Amazon I am also providing links for the same in the description Now, you need 1) Ascorbic Acid Powder (Pure) 200 gms 2) Vegetable Glycerin 200 ml and 3) Distilled Water 250 ml with these quantities, you can make fresh vitamin c serum at home, many times over In a dark glass bottle, add 1 TEASPOON of Ascorbic Acid Powder and add 30 ml of Distilled Water to it Next, you must shake this mixture well, until all the ascorbic acid powder dissolves in the water Next, you should add 1 TEASPOON of Vegetable Glycerin to the mixture and then give it another vigorous shake Next, you should cap the bottle tightly and store it in the refrigerator At night, after washing your face take a few drops of this serum on your palm and spread it all over your face thoroughly After 10 days, you should make a fresh batch of serum Those who have dry skin, can mix 1 TEASPOON of Vitamin E oil in the serum If the colour of the serum starts turning BROWN then that means that the serum has spoiled In this case, you must discard the serum and make it afresh Do not take greater quantities than what has been recommended by me because adding an excessive amount of Vitamin C powder to the mix can cause skin irritation And before using the serum regularly, make sure you perform a SKIN TEST Apply a small amount of the serum on the side of the neck at night before going to bed and in the morning if there is no redness or itching then you can safely use it on a regular basis those people who want to use the serum during day time should wash their face in the morning and then apply this serum to their face next, wait 10 minutes and then apply sunscreen or a good moisturiser before stepping out in the sunlight Friends, I hope you have found this video useful This Vitamin C serum which is very expensive in the market place can be easily made at home and be used to keep your skin clean, clear and glowing Thank you!

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100 thoughts on “Vitamin C Serum घर में बनाने का तरीका और उपयोग || DIY Vitamin C Serum & Usage (Home Made)

  1. Hello mem 🙏me 20 years ki hu mere 2 .2 mahine baad period aate hai 1 year Ho Gaya lagbhag or kafi kmjori hai or hair fall bahot hota hai khujli bahot Hoti hai sir ki skin saaf hai oil ya shempoo karti hu tb bahot hota hai ya jb bhulti hu tb bahot hota hai Baal khichte hai bahot or tut te bhi bahut hai pls me kuch btaiya kya karu pls men🙏🙏

  2. मैम कृपा करके मुझे यह बताए कि बऻल में सरसों का तेल लगा कर दूसरे दिन सुबह स्नान करने पर बार॒ बार करने पर झरना बन्द हो जाएगा ॥

  3. कोई कहता है की ,आवला सेवन करने से पुरुषों मे नपुंसकता आता है.! क्या ये सही है मैम.?🙏

  4. Namaste mam Mera face bahut kharab dikh raha hai Red Banana while ke jaisa ho Jata thanks mam vah Sab batao Sab facewash batane se main use karungi Jarur

  5. Mam kya vitamin C serum face pr apply kr moschorizer use kr skty han ya skin ko doo kr phir use krna h moschorizer plz tell me?

  6. मेडम ज़ी क्या कीवी फल में विटामिन सी हॊता हे plz जानकारी दीजिए

  7. Hii , mam mere skin steroid cream se ptli pd gae hai . Koi cream suit nhi krte .fine line bhi ho rhe hai age 26hai. Kya mai vit e capsule, glycerin &lemon juice mix krke lga skte hu . Plzz btaea je thik rhega

  8. Hello mam 👋 I'm from Pakistan first time I'm comment in your Video ,,, mam you are very nice and your videos is very helpful thanks

  9. Ma'am mujhe bahut tezi se tan hota hai sunscreen use karta Hun phir bhi hota hai koi upay bataiye please…vit c kitne duration tak use kar sakte hain?

  10. Mem meri skin even ton nhi he kahi bhut gori kahi bahut kali bilkul black White he kya kru sb try kiya pr kuch nhi huaa

  11. My aunt uses Lime juice + glycerin + rose water to make a serum.. will that work too? And also will your prescribed serum be very sticky? Kindly reply.

  12. Mam meri age 26 years hain..bachpan se he meri under eye skin pe wrinkle hain..kya iss serum apply karne se ye wrinkle chala jaega?

  13. Apki sun tan removal ki video Delhi Hy meri 8 year ki beti hy school going Hy us ko tan hogya Hy hands n face Bht tanned Hy kia apki remedies vachun k liy use KR skty hyn or cocnut oil face n hands per use krny sy hair growth to nhi hogi

  14. Hello ma'am,
    I have hyperpigmentation on corner of my lips since forever due to drooling at night. I used Melalite 15 but to no avail. Please suggest me what should I do? It makes my mouth look wide. I can't even hide it with concealer because its so dark. Please help? If you can give me your email id for contact that'd be great.

  15. Thank you Dr. Vijayalaxmi for your valuable tips and explanation and also for providing the links to get the material from. Keep up the good work Ma'am.

  16. Mam limcee vit c ki tablet kb leni chaiye ..I mean morning,day ya night m or khane se pahle ya baad m..Plzzzz mam reply as a request

  17. Hello mam
    Meri age 18th hai. Meri 2-3 mahine tak periods nahi horahi hai.please mam ap agar kuch home rimedy batay to acha hota.

  18. Hello, in this video u mention to add vitamin e oil for dry skin. But the vitamin e is oil base and the serum is water base how will they mix?.. Pls suggest.

  19. Mam please reply sensitive skin girls can use it ? And some Youtubers say to use vitamin c orange tablet which is available in market at cheap coast .Can we use that vitamin c tablets for making this serum ?

  20. Hey mam can u plz tell me some other substitute of this eon vitamin c powder , n which is equally effective … since it's out of stock

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