Vitamin C serum DIY / Magical serum for all skin problems( English subtitles)

Seeing thumbnail itself you can understand what i am going to tell yes, i am here with a solution for most of your skin problems yes, i am here with a solution for most of your skin problems Picture in thumbnail has taken 15 days back i got a viral fever that time when i recovered from that, my skin was in that condition my skin is very oily and acne pron, Dry skin people dont’ have this much problem only in teenage they will get pimples but for oily skin it continues for a long time so daily care is required without doing any are on that days my face become like this i was so tensed, then i heard acne star is good i tried that too, but no use daily new acnes are coming then too then i came to know vitamin c serum is good i checked in online for that but for 30 ml 500 Rs for god brand , and so then i thought to do DIY vitamin C serum and i prepared that now i am using this from last one week then itself i can see a lot of changes in my skin no new acnes came, even pimples also gone and marks too reduced this serum is good remedy for most of the skin problems like pigmentation,reduce pimple and acne marks and skin is becoming soft too its a magical serum for most of skin problems now we can see how it will use daily 2 times , morning and night you can use but if you are using in the morning it will cause suntan, so before 1 hour to go out apply serum then before leaving home apply sunscreen lotion and other makeup but i am not using in the morning, only night i am using if you are using at night 1 hour before go to sleep wash and dry the face nicely then apply before going to sleep it should be dry other wise it will absorb by pillow now we can see how the serum can store after preparation only one week is its life after that will get spoiled so you have to store in dark colour bottle like amber,milky white or blue and keep in refrigerator then again you have to prepare the same after a week now we can see how it will prepare now we can see how it will prepare take a glass jar, dont’ take plastic or steel after using vitamin c powder sore it in dry and dark airtight container take 1/2 tsp vitamin C powder then add 2 tbsp distilled or sterile water mix well with wooden or glass stirrer don’t use plastic or steel stirrer now vitamin c powder is completely dissolved in distilled water now the serum is ready but i am adding 3 capsules of vitamin E it is good for oily skin if the skin is too dry you can add 1 tsp vegetable glycerine but for oily skin glycerine will feel sticky so it is better to use vitamin E for oily skin which moisturise too here i am taking Evion 400 it is easily available in medical store if you are using veg glycerine for dry skin take 1 tsp of that its better to take vit E , which has other skin benefits too now i am adding three Vit E capsules to serum mix well you can use vitamin E oil too instead of this capsule Vitamin C serum is ready now we can transfer in dark colour bottle if you are using light colour bottle c serum will oxidise fast in sunlight carefully transfer to bottle and store in refrigerator till one week after that prepare again now we can see how to use it first wash and dry face then take little drops on hand then apply on face Now all came to know how to prepare serum right so all of you make this and use if you like this video like,share and subscribe Till i come with a good video Bye Bye

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