Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms + How to Fix it | Dr. Olivia Joseph

Hello Periscopers, Dr Olivia Joseph here. And
today I want to talk to you about the sunshine vitamin. Lord knows we don’t
have very much sunshine in the St. Louis area in February. This seems to be when
we get snow and crummy weather and lots of cloudy days and this is not about the
weather this is about your health. So what I want to talk to you about is vitamin D.
Vitamin D deficiency is in just about every person who lives in the midwest,
who is not taking vitamin D supplementation in the winter months. Now
vitamin D receptors are on every cell in your body. So if you have a vitamin D
deficiency it is affecting every cellular function in your body. Now
vitamin D protects your immune system, it protects your bones, and it actually acts
like a hormone in your body more so than even acting like a vitamin. Vitamin D has
2000 functions in your body so if you have a deficiency it’s a very big deal. The reason I’m even talking to you about
it today is the most common thing that I get in my patients this time of year is,
“I just don’t feel good…” Elaborate on that, “I’m tired all the time…I
keep getting sick… I stay sick for long periods of time…I’m emotional”. Sounds a lot
like seasonal affective disorder right. Well, what is seasonal affective disorder?
It’s a vitamin D deficiency. So how do you know if you are vitamin D deficient? It’s a blood
test, and this is the time of year, if you are not taking vitamin D you need to
have your vitamin D levels checked. Because if you had your levels checked
in the summertime and they were normal, your levels are going to be very very
different, this time of year. Because vitamin D works like a savings account you’re making deposits all summer long,
you don’t need to take vitamin D in the summer months. Your body makes vitamin D
in one minute of direct sunlight without sunscreen on
your large body parts, you will make a thousand units per minute, per minute. So
imagine if you’re out in the Sun for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, without sunscreen,
you are gonna make twenty to thirty thousand units of vitamin D. That’s why you feel
great in the summer that’s why your energy is so good, it’s why you don’t get
sick. So vitamin D makes deposits all summer long, and around October or
November time even though the weather can still be really nice in October and
November, we’re getting farther and farther from the Sun. And if the Sun
isn’t strong enough, and if our body parts are covered by clothing because
it’s the fall or the winter time you cannot make vitamin D. Vitamin D
deficiency is an epidemic, and vitamin D deficiency put you at a higher risk for
osteoporosis. So you need to have healthy vitamin D, because your bones have
vitamin D receptor sites. The biggest mistake I hear doctors telling their
patients is to take calcium and vitamin D together. That doesn’t make any sense,
because Calcium is a mineral and vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. So what you
need to absorb vitamin D is vitamin K. So I do urge supplementing with vitamin D3. How much? It really depends on what your vitamin D levels are. I’m typically
recommending 5,000 units daily of vitamin D3 to my patients November through March. When I am monitoring my patients blood levels I wanna see either vitamin D levels in the
sixties. Because the Institute of Functional Medicine, did a research study
that showed when your vitamin D levels are in the sixties, your risk for five of
the most common cancers goes down close to 70% and those cancers tested in that
clinical trial were breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, and
colon cancer. Now obviously men aren’t as high of risk for breast cancer and women
we are not at risk for prostate cancer. But we have to make sure we protect our
immune systems. The reason flu season starts in
November, is that’s when vitamin D levels start dropping if you don’t start
supplementing in November. So that’s typically what I’m recommending with my
patients but if you have a question, get a test. You don’t even have to see
your doctor to get a test. Quest owns a lab called Any lab now and LabCorp also
owns independent labs where you can self pay like $25 to have your vitamin D
levels checked. And if your vitamin D levels are below 30, your deficient. If
your vitamin D levels are below twenty, you’re gonna have a tremendous amount of
inflammation in your body and your cells aren’t going to be able to function
properly, because every cell has a vitamin D receptor. So we want to see
vitamin D levels in the sixties, because that’s not just a normal range that’s the
optimal range. Now I also recommend supplementation with kiddos. This vitamin
D3 5000 units, is what I use with my patients. But I also use a kids D
in a liquid, and this is about 400 units. And it depends on age but children need
vitamin D supplementation too. We are very very deficient, and it affects our bones, our
immune system, our hormone system. So vitamin D is really important and I
would encourage you to eat foods that are green, and take vitamin D. Because
foods that are green are rich in vitamin K and you need vitamin K, because it’s a
fat-soluble vitamin in order to properly absorb vitamin D. So the number one thing
I hear from my patients is, “I just don’t feel good” well the big part of that
is because you’ve got a vitamin D deficiency and we have to deal with that. Now,
one thing I want to point out to you if your doctor runs a vitamin D tests on
you and, it turns out your deficient, and they prescribe vitamin D for you at
50,000 units per week that prescription vitamin D is vitamin D2 not vitamin D3. The problem is
vitamin D2 does not absorb as well as vitamin D3. So your levels are gonna go
up a lot more slowly, ok. I recommend vitamin D3, it’s more
bioavailable, which means your body is going to absorb about two-thirds of it
instead of just one third of the D2. So have your levels monitored. I recommend
having your vitamin D levels checked every winter, as well as in the summer to
make sure that your body is able to manufacture vitamin D properly in the
summer months. And if you’re not manufacturing vitamin D, then you might
need supplementation year-round. Another thing you want to know is if you’ve ever
had a vitamin D deficiency in the past, chances are, you’re going to have it
again. So once you develop a vitamin D deficiency one time and you correct it, if
you don’t regularly supplement with vitamin D and eat foods rich in vitamin
K, which are your green foods chances are it’s going to happen again. So if you
can’t get sunshine, because of the region that you live in, make sure you’re monitoring your vitamin
D levels and supplementing with vitamin D. Thank you and I hope you guys get a
little bit of sunshine.

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73 thoughts on “Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms + How to Fix it | Dr. Olivia Joseph

  1. fat-soluble vitamins in a liquid form contain emulsifiers, often polysorbate 80, which is absolutely must avoid.
    I take a tablespoon of pure cod liver oil daily and give my 3yr-old son the same amount. we also eat a lot of butter for vitamin K2.

  2. Quick question Dr., my vitamin D level is right at 30, my Dr says it’s normal. I also have vertigo, would Vitamin D deficiency cause vertigo ?

  3. Hi Doctor…I have lot of pain only on right side of body so my doc prescribed injections on alternate days and later must D3 tablet once a week for 4 weeks.Do I need to take vitamin k supplement any other supplement along with this?Are there any side effects to taking vitamin D supplement.My vitamin D3 is at 7.

  4. You are a Genius! Thanks for the Information about this and Probiotics! So much mis-information out there! You Rock!

  5. Was taking 10K IU Vitamin D, and levels were so-so. Added Vitamin K, and my Vitamin D levels went up too high. Now I take 5K Vitamin D and Vitamin K, and it's all perfect. Vitamin K also helps blood not be so thin.

  6. Hello Dr. Olivia I followed your recommendation and self payed a blood work to Check for Vitamin D deficiency cause I have been feeling bad for a while. The results was 10.6 so thanks for the information..just ordered my vitamins and I’m hoping this works along with the sun..thanks again..

  7. What do you say about the ingredient Cholecalciferol as D3 being the main active ingredient in rat poison? I'm afraid to take Vitamin D3 once I saw The Vitamin D deception video on Youtube. Oh well I guess we're all gonna die of something some how.

  8. Question I was told to take vitamin k and magnesium with vitamin d. My dr said not to and had me on 50,000 iu of d2 I was on it 5 weeks and switched to 10,000 iu of d3. Should I take mag and vitamin k?

  9. Thank you so much for this valuable info.
    I have taken vit d3 100.000 iu per week cuz my test came 17. When i was at the 60’s after several weeks i felt Great! Now months later it came down to 30s again and my calcium skyrocketed (10,3) cuz i never took magnesium or k2. I am having bad symptoms again and i am afraid to take D3 afraid my calcium continues to rise. Any advice?

  10. My son is 10 and his level was 17. The doc said 400iu. Doesn't seem like enough. Can't I give him 1000 at least for a while? He is so run down.

  11. Hi Dr. Olivia,

    I recently developed on and off joint pains for the past 3 months. I have been tested for lupus, RA, thyroid, lots of labs which came back normal including iron studies and the only thing that was questionable was that the Vitamin D was 30. the past 3 years I have been around level 40-45. My primary care gave me 50,000 IU D2 twice a week for 4 weeks which ended so for the past 10 days I have been on 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 along with Magnesium and K2 supplements. My calcium level was 9.5. Do you think these symptoms of joint pains in hands, feet, elbows along with twitching (which has subsided, I also used to get shooting pains in fingers or toes but has also subsided in severity) can be caused by a VItamin D level of 30 if all else is normal?

  12. Hi Doc, nice vid…My level is 20.1 and i just started taking 5,000 D3 and going out in the sun for 30 minutes a day. I would like to get my level up as fast as possible. Can you tell me about how long till I see substantial results, please? I am a white, male, 280lbs 57 yrs old

  13. Hey doctor I had a question my levels came back at 28 for my vitamin d and my testosterone is at 301 I have major anxiety do u think my levels can contribute to my anxiety I am 26 years old male

  14. Hello doc. My diet is not so good and also am working out in gym. Can I take multi vitamin, probiotic and whey protein

  15. Hi. I have severe hairfall last year, though lesser now, but i was told i had vit D defiency. Im 42 yrs old.,female. How much should you recommend i take vitD3.thnx fr your information.

  16. Dr olivia for someone like me that does not have a gallbladder? My levels are low in the 20s. Ive been to mexico n gettn sun daily but I need more. I faithfully take a great multivitamin. But with no gallbladder well i have no bile. So my vitamin d dat soluable cant absop it. Help. I hear walnuts n even soakin in epsolm salt (magnesium) and magnesium oil spray for when im in mexico n cant soak in bath. Pls tell me what i can do to up my vitamin d without a gallbladder n also how long should i get direct sun daily for minimum. Do i wear sunscreen?

  17. How long does it take till you start feeling normal? I had mine at 16 and was given 50,000 iu of vitamin D2 from my doctor
    You think I should take 5,000 iu of D3 and K2 instead?

  18. A year ago , October of 2017 I started to feel my neck tight and then my lower back started to get very tight, my breathing has been very short and just about week ago I got tested and was at 18.5. The way I live I HARDLY have any sunshine . Could my vitamin d deficiency be the cause of my neck pain/flaring up and my shortness of breath?

  19. I have vitamin d deficiency and muscle pain , shoulder and leg weakness, taking vitamin d last 3 months, how long it will take to recover from muscle pain due to vitamin d deficiency?

  20. …and what makes vitamin D receptors work? That would be retinol vitamin A (which is the true "sunshine" vitamin. They work together and taking suppelemts will mess up the balance in your liver. Please dont take supplemental D, as its really a hormone and is supposed to be synthesized in our bodies. Supplementing will do more than creating imbalanced in the A to D ratio…. it depletes magnesium (which is needed in every step of D metabolism), crash potassium, lower ATP and deplete ceruloplasmin.

  21. Boron is the perfect cure for vit D deficiency. It supports the parathyroids, which actually monitor D metaoblism.

  22. What the hell do you mean vit D levels? Storage or active? There is no benefit to a level higher than 21 of storage D.

  23. Doctor i using depression pills plus blood pressure pills. Can i use vit-D supplements?? Because i feel terrible fatigued

  24. Hello doctor,
    I like to ask your opinion on liposomal technology of delivery but D3 something like that
    Please let me know if this technology is really working

  25. Another good video. I take 100,000 every 2 months and keeps me just above 60 which not very high but ok. If I don’t take anything I feel terrible I even have paresthésie crisis. So important to take vit d. He took me 40 to realise, doctors are mostly morons, they have no fucking clue.

  26. I'm having problems with my thyroid among other sickness and i did an treatment with vitamin D3 liquid and B12 for three months and i felt a lot better but now it started again for over one month to feel bad especially on my digestive tract Wich is really painful because i can't go good to toilet.Next month i will have abdominal MRI and maybe will find out what is the problem because i did so many tests so far and all tests shows that I'm okay.I've heard that all this simptoms leads to IBS but i wasn't diagnosed with this problem, anyway now I'm making a probiotis treatment with VSL 3 because I'm lactose intolerant.Can you the good doctor help me with any information about what can i do because the pain is bigger every day

  27. I just had my Vitamin D levels checked and it was at 10. My doctor prescribed 50,000 iu D 2 pill once a week. Is this going to work for me? I suffer with anxiety, numbness, heart palpitations, muscle aches and headache.

  28. I started supplementing with D3 and it seemed to disrupt my sleep. I was only sleeping 3-4 hours away a time. (Taking magnesium as well.)

  29. Hi u have given awesome information thanks…
    Me too has vit d deficiency n taking biodal med 50000IU once in a week alng with bioCal 400IU once daily…. is that dosage is ok?
    My vit D level was only 9.12 😞

  30. Vitamin D makes my tinnitus unbearable. (It’s already severe.) I take plenty of magnesium (in supplement form and Epsom baths) plus other necessary cofactors like vit K and eat good fats. I have no idea why this happens or how to raise my vitamin D levels. Feeling a bit hopeless. Does anyone know why this might be?

  31. what about medical doctor John McDougall who says vitamin d supplements harm patients and he says there's no vit d levels that would make him ever give d3 supplement
    he says vit d supplements cause pancreatic cancer and says he has study. vitamindcouncil confirmed it's true study McDougall talks about.
    he list many ways in his video vitamin d supplements seriously harm body.

  32. what about medical doctor John McDougall who says vitamin d supplements harm patients and he says there's no vit d levels that would make him ever give d3 supplement
    he says vit d supplements cause pancreatic cancer and says he has study. vitamindcouncil confirmed it's true study McDougall talks about.
    he list many ways in his video vitamin d supplements seriously harm body.

  33. Being a fat soluble vitamin, if I store my vitamin d in my adipocytes & suffer from insulin resistance (even a mild form), then those stores are blocked. Maybe this is the reason why a D deficiency is now so common.

  34. Youtube Michael holick spin doctor
    Vid on vit d supplement by pamela popper

    YouTube the myth of vitamin d by Pamela popper

    YouTube vit d is rat poison
    Lots videos saying d supplements are rat poison
    Also easily cause liver failure because d supplements are fat soluble, store liver
    James dowd vit d stays in body 10weeks
    Can calcify arteries which dangerous!
    Vit d supplements increase calcium in blood by 20times!
    Even a vid by a naturopath saying vit d supplement
    Is rat poison

    Thomas levy cardiologist vit d too high you die!

  35. I didn't hear anything about supplenting k2mk7
    Amy Meyers never supplement d3 without k2mk7

    Greens are not a source despite claims k1 converts to k2mk7… It does not

    Vit d companies have told me careful with vit d3 supplement it can easily cause liver failure because it's fat soluble and stores in liver…then there heart problem from 20times increase of calcium into blood…

    James dowd author vitamin d cure
    Says when your vit d toxic there's nothing you can do but stop and wait.
    He also says vit d3 supplement stays in body 10weeks(70 days approximately) that's very bad if ones toxic from d3 supplement which cause 20time increase calcium into blood which is dangerous/deadly on its own, then liver failure from vit d3 stored fat soluble in liver

    Thomas levy cardiologist vitamin d too high you die

    YouTube Darren Schmidt safespace smart meter
    Live blood analysis rouleaux
    For protection from EMF radiation which is better
    Qlink srt3 pendant or safespace ii pendant?

    How much d3 iu do you supplement daily?
    With k2mk7 since without k2mk7 supplement d3 is dangerous since it increases calcium into blood by 20times! No k2mk7 , then all that calcium goes to arteries!
    How much k2mk7 do you supplement with how much d3 daily?

    What form of d3 do you supplement?
    D3 supplement from lanolin? Fish? Lichen? Or mushrooms?
    Source naturals vegan vit d(from mushrooms)
    Raymond Francis d3/k2 supplement (from fish)
    Vitacost. Com Thompson d3 2500iu lemon flavor chewable (from fish)
    D3 supplement (from lichen)

    What range do you think is optimal without being dangerous?
    Thomas levy cardiologist optimal vit d3 50ng/ml-80ng/ml
    Thomas levy also says vitamin d too low you die, vitamin d too high you die"

    Sherry Rogers m.d. vit d 60ng/ml-80ng/ml
    Sherry Rogers low vitamin d is staring death in the face"

    Since vitamin d too high you die
    And Pamela popper says vit d levels are guessing
    medical doctors and naturopaths both always changes ranges…how do we know that 50ng/ml-80ng/ml is optimal vit d3 and not that it's causing harm?

    YouTube Dr Rhonda Patrick says too high vitamin d just as dangerous as too low vit d

    Saveourbones Vivian says 60ng/ml is too high!
    She says 40ng/ml is good

    Others like John McDougall says vit d3 supplement harm patients, I would NEVER give a patient

    He also says vit d supplements more falls, fractures, increase LDL (heart disease) prostate cancer, immune system suppression, auto immune disease , gastrointestinal symptoms, calcium kidney stones, kidney disease….increases muscle weakness and nervous system imbalances, people lived in Canada and new Zealand 15,000 years without vit d supplements, they don't work, they cause harm
    This is all in YouTube John McDougall vit d
    He says vit d supplements are big business from 2002-2011 from 42million to 605million. Says vit d supplement, test, is disease mongering

  36. Thank you for this information and for being so thorough. This has been the best video on Vitamin D deficiency that I have seen.

  37. In the 60’s, last time mine was checked I think it was at 11 lol it’s always really low. Definitely learned from ya I think I’m gonna need a steady supply of it

  38. So should I take vitamin D or vitamin D3? I know you said that you need vitamin K in order for your body to better absorb vitamin D but when you said vitamin D3 it confused me. Is vitamin D3 already in a way that our body cab better absorb vitamin D without taking vitamin K?

  39. Thank you Dr. Olivia, that was some amazing info on vit D3. I had gotten my D checked couple of months ago and it came out to be 7 !! yes just 7. So I started taking D3 drops anywhere between 5000 IU to 7000 IU few times a week. I had been experiencing an unbelievable hair fall, pain in large and small joints, extreme fatigue to the point I would fall asleep while reading anything or sitting in a car..And now just recently i discovered I've got nodules on both sides of my thyroid gland which is waiting to be tested again for its secretion (whether hypo or hyper) via nuclear test. So not sure if i should consider increasing vit d3 potency or continue the same..?would appreciate your advice. Thank you

  40. I have been getting hair thinning and I had my vitamin d level is at 19. Will this affect my hair thinning and will it grow back? I have also been feeling extremely tired all the time. I have been prescribed some vitamin D3 to take for 10 weeks and I'm on 60,000iu a week. Started my first day yesterday.

  41. Hello my Vitamin D level is a 13 ng/ml and so i started supplementing D3 5000IU and K2 daily. I'm also going out in the sunlight whenever possible. I'm also low on B12 my level was 283. Do you think i should up my dosage for faster results? How long will this deficiency take to go away ugh

  42. I really enjoy your videos. Very informative and helpful. I'd like to know if you consult over the phone, or by video chat. If so how much? I'd like to learn all I can as well work with my doctor with the information I can use. If you see this please respond.

  43. I’m very sick where can I get tested for deficiency that is not expensive? Medicare no longer covers certain tests such as vitamin D

    Thank you 🙏

  44. Just been feeling crappy crappy crappy .. Had tingling in arms and legs and nerve pain. Also extremely tired and bone pain. Went to my doctor he said my vitamin d was low…. 15. He told me to take over the counter vitamin d3 5,000 ui. Do I need to take a different supplement to get better absorption? Magnesium? How soon will I recover? Been taking it for a week and still feel so crappy. 🙁 and these blues suck so bad..thank you.

  45. Just be careful if you take to much as it can affect your kidneys, I ended up in hospital for a week as I took too much, so it is important to monitor!

  46. You had me at Functional Medicine. May the heavens smile on you eternally for loving the world enough to share your knowledge😊❤

  47. I just found out I'm deficient and I was out walking almost daily all summer. 😕 I had been taking D2 drops. I have switched to D3 but I don't understand why it's low after spending a ton of time in the sun.

  48. Mine is at 19 and i feel horrible.. Headaches, troube sleeping, muscle twitches, hair loss, shortness of breath, lightheaded, and when vertigo and a feeling of moving even when im still, ear ache pressure in my nose and head.. And it all started from a sinus infection which I've never had before and after a month my doc finally checked my vitamin d and said it was at 19 and she prescribed me 2,000mg of d3 for 6 weeks and that's it.. So i took it in to my own hands and got vitamin d3 5000iu and k2 100mg and I'm going to get magniseum also and started on some vitamin c as well. Do you agree with what im doing? I barely started sunday so im hoping to start feeling better soon.

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