Vitamin D | Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

abhi agarwal if you go a long beard you’d
definitely be called Abraham Lincoln abhi agarwal thank you for comment I used to get Abraham Lincoln quite a lot I still do actually
I’ve always enjoyed it so something like this maybe I’m gonna stay really still
and maybe a beer to pop out so yeah what do you think does it look good don’t
look like Abraham Lincoln welcome to another episode of responding to your
comments my goodness the weather is amazing and I thought I’d be efficient
and film two episodes of responding to comments whilst I’m out here in
Switzerland so what are we waiting for let’s do this Maria bluesuit oh I just
started watching your videos how do you know you’re lacking vitamin D keep them
coming I find them interesting and helpful as I’m a carer in a home Thank
You Maria thank you for your comment this brought a smile to my face I did
make a video on vitamin D deficiency a long time ago so I’ll leave a link up
here for you in terms of deficiency the symptoms are
like tiredness weakness muscle pains these are the most common symptoms but I
see so many patients blood results every day with vitamin D deficiencies is very
common I’ll also leave a link in the description below discern people are
actually more prone to vitamin D deficiency they’re higher risk of it so
please check it out if anyone is wondering about it there’s loads more
information in description below thank you for your comment William Altezza
eating earthworms always seems to work for me or listen into Chinese pop
William thank you for your comment this is from the house to get rid of hiccups
video remember that all my remedies are remedies there’s no scientific evidence
supporting them so you can’t actually say this is gonna work it’s just a
remedy but I mean if if eating over stones works for you then cool but I
wouldn’t recommend anyone to do that so that’s a no from me and the Sun is
really coming out now when I start filming is a bit cloudy so it’s good for
filming now it might not look too good but let’s carry on
Hanif can Maria hi Abraham it’s me again just want to add another question can
you make a video and storage of syrup medicines because I see a lot of public
like to put all the medicines in the fridge despite some of it needs to be
stored at room temperature honey this is a great comment / question I see it – I
see so many patients I see actually so many family members of put them in
fridges and I’ve sort of rectified that now but in terms of putting medicines in
fridge if it says on the label it says on the information leaflet says on the
box to store in a that’s taught in the fridge so it’s 2 to
8 degrees it has to be stored in what all other medication which does have to
be stored in the fridge is anything under 25 degrees and you have to store
it in a cool dry place and the problem is that when you put it in a fridge like
tablets and medicines there’s so much humidity in the fridge that it will
damage the tablet so that’s the last thing you want to do because you know
wasting medicines and they’re not gonna work properly
so so I’m gonna cool dry place preferably a medicine cabinet and out of
sight and reach of children as well thank you for your comment the banana
duck not only at this video helpful the editing is spot on the banana duck your
comment is spot on yeah I really wish we had more time because I could and we
could do some really weird and wonderful editing techniques as well but we’re
really running out of time these days so thank you for your comment and we are
looking for an editor pretty soon so if anyone is in the UK and is good at
editing videos drop me a message drop me a comment and I’ll be in touch and
that’s the end of this week’s video I think I blitz through this week’s
episode very quickly cuz I’m quite cold although the Sun is heating me up thank
you for all the comments again we’re getting over 2,500 comments per month
1.1 million views per month is crazy it’s amazing thank you but if I haven’t
got back to your comment leave another comment and I’ll try my best to get back
to you and don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell burn so YouTube knows
that you enjoy my videos and you want to see more now I’m gonna go snowboarding
I’ll see you next week hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure
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