Vitamin D & Weight Loss: Is Deficiency Making You Fat?

So I’ve got a couple of questions for
you. Number one, when was the last time you had your is vitamin D checked or have
you ever had it checked? and number two is what was the reading when you had it
done? So I’m asking these questions because
vitamin D plays quite a crucial role in insulin sensitivity. So your insulin
sensitivity is basically how good you are at regulating your blood sugar
levels and therefore how easily you go into fat-burning mode. So I asked
you about your vitamin D level because vitamin D is important for helping to
regulate insulin sensitivity. So if you have a deficiency in vitamin D then you
might be more prone to something called insulin resistance which is where your
insulin isn’t able to perform its job properly and your body has to produce
more and more insulin to move your sugar into your cells. So when
you have high levels of insulin you’re in fat storage mode and obviously that’s
not good if you want to lose weight so if you have a deficiency in vitamin D it
could be playing a role in your weight management. So have you had a test in the
last year? If not, get one. And do you know what the result was? if not get a
printout because your doctor will often tell you that your vitamin D was normal
but what’s normal to them is… they’re trying to prevent rickets and
they’re trying to prevent you know serious illness but actually you know
the level that is considered to be normal isn’t actually high enough to
allow your body to function optimally so if your reading
near 50 then your doctor would tell you that it was normal when actually your level
should be at around a hundred so that’s quite a big difference so if you’re you know
lower than 100 then you might benefit from supplementing. Depends on the time
of year. If you’re just a bit lower than 100 at the moment then it’s probably
going to go up as we go into the summer but if you’re sitting somewhere around
50 or even lower than that then you definitely need a supplement to bring
your level up. So a few considerations. So firstly some people are not very good at
storing vitamin D and that can be a genetic thing so for some people no
matter how much you supplement you might not be able to bring your vitamin D
level up very much or this you might not be able to maintain that so for some
people supplementing vitamin D constantly is essential. Also as we get
older we become worse storing vitamin D because the body composition changes and
we tend to replace muscle with fat and that means that we don’t store vitamin D
so well. If you’re an older person and actually you’ve got a very good muscle
mass and low body fat percentage then you may be better at storing vitamin D.
So my advice to you is go and get your vitamin D level checked if you haven’t
had it done in the last year and find out what that reading actually is don’t
just take your doctor’s word for it that it’s normal. If you are below 100 or
perhaps below 75 at this time of year then you need a supplement and you
should speak to your doctor or book a consultation with me to talk about it
about what you should be supplementing specifically because supplementing
vitamin D alone isn’t always an effective way of topping up your vitamin
D and the dosage you should be taking depends on your level and several other
factors like your ethnicity and that sort of thing. So, hope you found that
helpful. Drop me a comment if you have got
anything to say I’ve got any questions and I hope you found this useful, speak to you soon. Bye!

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One thought on “Vitamin D & Weight Loss: Is Deficiency Making You Fat?

  1. mine was 9 and they gave me supplement for a month and then off counter and i have gained 11+ kg and im exercising but only gaining. However, recently doctor said my vitamin D is normal now. so i wonder if me not loosing fat directly related?

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