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14 thoughts on “VITAMIN K- Sermon by Pastor Anderson.

  1. well, some people can't eat that stuff so they make a pill out of it, like me i couldn't hardly eat anything when i had cancer and was going through treatments so i took pills instead that way i was still getting what i needed

  2. Thanks for the upload! If not for you i wouldve had to do it myself because when i heard this in the middle of a sermon i was rolling on the floor laughing

  3. The KKK was a Freemasonic Protestant sect created to destroy Catholicism. If you truly read the Bible literally, you cannot escape reaching the same conclusions as the one Holy Roman Catholic Church. Only he who does who DOES the Will of the Father will enter Heaven. Man is not saved by faith alone. All must be baptized in water and Spirit AND you must verily consume the flesh and blood of Jesus to have life everlasting. Outside the Catholic Church there is no Salvation. Think of how absurd it is to believe in Sola Scriptura when neither the Bible nor its writers ever said so. And if you don't believe in the Church, how can you believe in the Bible? Do not be deceived, the Vatican is in apostasy and the faithful remnant are Catholics who hold to the flawless teaching of all popes from Peter to Pius XII.

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