Vitamin K1 vs K2: What’s the Difference?

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channel vitamin k1 vs. Kate – what’s the difference
vitamin K is well known for its role in blood clotting but you may not know that
it’s name actually refers to a group of several vitamins that provide health
benefits far beyond helping your blood clot this article will review the
differences between the two main forms of vitamin K found in the human diet
vitamin k1 and vitamin k2 you’ll also learn which foods are good sources of
these vitamins and the health benefits you can expect from eating them what is
vitamin K vitamin K is a group of fat soluble vitamins that share similar
chemical structures vitamin K was accidentally discovered in the 1920s and
1930s after restricted diets in animals led to excessive bleeding although there
are several different types of vitamin K the two most often found in the human
diet are vitamin k1 and vitamin k2 vitamin k1 also called phylloquinone is
mostly found in plant foods like leafy green vegetables it makes up about 75 to
90% of all vitamin K consumed by humans vitamin k2 is found in fermented foods
and animal products and is also produced by gut bacteria it is several subtypes
called wa naku anons M K’s that are named by the length of
their side chain they range from MK 4 to MK 13 vitamin K refers to a group of
vitamins that share a similar chemical structure the two main forms found in
the human diet are k1 and k2 differences between k1 and k2 in the body the main
function of all types of vitamin k is to activate proteins that serve important
roles in blood clotting heart health and bone health
however because of differences in absorption and transport to tissues
throughout the body vitamin k1 and k2 could have profoundly different effects
on your health in general the vitamin k1 found in plants is poorly absorbed by
the body one study estimated that less than 10% of the k-1 found in plants is
actually absorbed less is known about the absorption of vitamin k2 yet experts
believe that because k2 is often found in foods
that contain fat it may be better absorbed than k1 this is because vitamin
K is a fat soluble vitamin fat soluble vitamins are much better absorbed when
eaten with dietary fat additionally vitamin k2 s long side
chain allows it to circulate in the blood longer than k1 where vitamin k1
may stay in the blood for several hours some forms of k2 can remain in the blood
for days some researchers believe that the longer circulation time of vitamin
k2 allows it to be better used in tissues located throughout the body
vitamin k1 is primarily transported to and used by the liver these differences
are crucial to identifying the different roles vitamin k1 and k2 play in the body
the next sections investigate this tropic further differences in absorption
and transportation of vitamin k1 and k2 in the body may lead to differences in
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  1. I knew they were different ,but, found it difficult to find out how,and,why. The response to your question is excellent,from Richard Ayala

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