Vitamins, Fitness, Biomarkers for Women Over 50

my friends let’s talk about women over
fifties fitness exercise in your 50s and Beyond is critical if you have never exercised before and probably start today start
slow start in your own living room you don’t need weights I started in my
living room doing 10 reps of lunges three times a day to strengthen my lower
back keep my body active during the day there are 10 biomarkers of aging if
you do nothing else but add exercise in with weights to improve your lean body
mass you improve your other 9 markers over 50 I have heard it said many times
that it is all downhill from here the hormonal imbalances the weight gain the
increased body fat the hair thinning the hair loss depression well for me this
was totally reversed when I started my program I lost weight I lost body fat my
hair actually improved the hormone imbalances stopped I generally felt so
much better my program is nutritionally balanced
full of minerals for restoring hair easily digesting and absorbing protein
which has also been shown to improve my immune system plus keep my skin tone and keep my collagen up and reduce my wrinkles
there are balanced carbohydrates of my energy is maintained and restored the
essential fats improve my skin and helps keep me flexible friends fatty
acids are so prevalent in our society and the nutritional cleansing program
I’m on helps reduce this both with supplements and intermittent fasting it
is so easy I would suggest everybody read a book by Dr. Sherry Rogers the
book is called detox or die the information and this book is
unbelievable my friends let’s talk about vitamins for women over 50 there are so
many health and wellness programs out there on the market how do we determine
which would be the best for us the program I am on and I have been on for
10 years which works for me is a nutrient dense meal option that is easy
convenient and exceptional value along with this is intermittent fasting or the
cleansing protocol the protein shake regime is a complete meal replacement
providing optimal nutrition my meal options are well balanced providing
carbs, fats, and fiber and also provides recommended
daily vitamins and mineral supplements in there I’ve got my telomere support
which I need at my age womens essentials vitamin C and fish oil omega-3
fatty acids are very important they have for the good balance oxygens the B
vitamins to nourish the nervous system and give me my liver support by
cleansing our bodies and riding it of all those toxins we are able to in
take the nutrients better stay healthy, keep it simple, and be youthful you

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