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Sonia B Sanchez replace the spacer every
six to twelve months I’ve had my spacer for five plus years whoops lol
Sonia thank you for your comment this is from the how to use a space a device video
well I’m glad you now know that and I’ve got the video helped you because well
that’s the whole point of it thanks for commenting welcome to another episode it
responding to your comments we’re gonna be looking at funny questions we’re
gonna be looking at health questions so while we’re waiting for let’s do this
Anika Acharya oh god I have a fever and I have finals coming up a quick question
does a vitamin C help a cold Anika thanks for your comment this is from the
how to treat a fever video for a while ago I think with vitamins you have to be
very careful because a lot of the times there are a lot of unproven claims I see
on packaging so for example they say things like boosts immune system helps
burn fat gives you energy throughout the day and it happens a bit too often in my
opinion and also it’s not right however there are certain situations
where vitamin supplementation is required so for example when your
vitamin D levels are very low then supplementation of vitamin D is required
and also if you live in the UK for example during autumn to winter a
vitamin D supplement is also recommended and for various different conditions as
well so for example if you have malabsorption where your body isn’t able to absorb
the vitamins then it’s recommended then as well but generally speaking by the
way that wasn’t a full list of all the times that you should take a vitamin but
generally speaking and if you need a vitamin supplement your health care
professional will let you know so if you’re fit you’re healthy you’re living
a healthy balanced diet everything’s fine then generally speaking a vitamin
supplement isn’t required so you can save your money and spend on your next
holiday sorry Anika I feel like I’ve gone way off your question but we’ll go
back to it so vitamin C for colds do I recommend it no I don’t recommend it
does it help prevent a cold does it help you recover fast from a cold because
that’s sort of claims that I see on the packaging for this kind of stuff the
simple answer is no not really there’s very little evidence that supports any
of this so I wouldn’t recommend it also I do remember not long ago reading a
study about vitamin C supplementation and increasing the risk of kidney stones
in men so that’s another reason to sort of stay off as well I will also leave a
really useful link by the NHS in the description below and it explains all the different vitamins what foods are in
whether you should take supplements where you shouldn’t it’s really really
helpful so I’d highly recommend everyone reads it thank you for coming Kris
Burgess love your videos time to shave that facial hair though Chris thank you
for your comment this one definitely got my attention it was from the headaches
video I don’t know I don’t know I think the best thing to do is to leave it to
you guys who are watching if you think I should shave off the beard leave a
comment below if you think I should leave it definitely leave a comment below but
Kris thanks for your comment Gaming Buddy is it bad eating junk food I eat
it every day Gaming Buddy thanks for your comment this is from a previous
responding to your comments video eating everyday yes it’s very bad for you you see the
thing about junk food is it’s very high in calories but does it have a lot of
vitamins no does it have a lot of minerals no does it have a lot of fiber
no so what does this mean well it means that if you can eat every day and not in
moderation then it’s going to cause things like
obesity it’s gonna cause things like diabetes from the cause heart disease
and many more conditions this comment actually reminds me of a recent article
I read in The Lancet and it was about a 14 year old boy who lost his sight
because he was eating junk food every single day and if I remember correctly I
think he went to the doctors and he was complaining about tiredness so they did
some tests on him and I found out that his b12 levels were really low so they
were giving him b12 injections and they also gave him dietary advice but
unfortunately he didn’t follow it now a couple years later he then presented
with blindness blind spots and color blindness now the specialist then did a
lot of tests to find out what was the cause of this and it came down to
nutritional optic neuropathy which is basically damage to your optic nerve
caused by nutritional deficiency so because he was eating junk food every
single day because he wasn’t get enough vitamins because he wasn’t getting
enough minerals that was the cause of this optic neuropathy and I guess it’s
important to remember this is very rare but if you are eating junk food every single
day then please rethink it and I will leave a useful link in the description
below which is all about dietary advice which you might find helpful Aasiya
Maryam is drinking hot water good for constipation Aasiya thank you for
comment this is from the constipation video I do remember reading a while ago
about drinking sort of hot beverages and apparently it does help to cause
relaxation and contraction of the bowel so I guess it could help
constipation but a more important thing to remember is about drinking hot drinks
I don’t know if any of you guys saw but it was a massive study done recently I
think it was on like 50,000 people over 10 years and they were drinking 2 to 3
cups of tea every single day and the temperature of the tea was about 60
degrees or above and I did this with 10 years and it compared to people who are
drinking that tea a lower temperature so after 10 years I found out that those
that drank a high temperature doubles their risk of getting esophageal cancer
so we now know that you should leave your tea let it cool or any hot beverage let it cool and then drink at a sensible temperature Fruit Loop Dude
blanket too hot no blanket too hot foot or leg out of the blanket demons
are monsters will grab you Fruit Loop Dude thank you for your comment this is from
me how to sleep faster video yeah I’ve been there loads of times as well
sometimes you know blanket on your boiling actually I’m there right now
actually sometimes it gets so hot and then I turn the AC on then I turn it on I’m freezing and then I switch it off then I’m hot again so there’s
no happy medium unfortunately luckily no demons and monsters grab me thankfully
they don’t exist but thank you for your comment thank you for all the great comments we’re
getting nearly 5000 comments per month which is quite a lot and quite a lot to
read through so if I missed your comment I’m really sorry
leave another comment I’ll try my best to get back to you on a future episode
always remember you’re awesome and I will see you next week
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21 thoughts on “Vitamins | Multivitamins | Do Multivitamins Work

  1. Being type2 diabetic, I take vitamin C because I do not eat any fruit, and on a keto diet. Is taking the vitamin beneficial ? Thank you.

  2. Omg omg we hit 100k. Congratulations dear Abraham. I am so proud that I could be part of this journey from the beginning. We need a silver play button unpacking video soon. Coming to the video. I love how you say we need to depend on evidence. If our diet is well balanced and we are having a healthy lifestyle. We probably won't need any supplements to be taken.

  3. Hi. I am commenting since last three videos of yours to make a video on how to cure eczema. Please make a video on it by giving complete details. I hope you will make it. Thank you

  4. Congratulations to you and your team with 100.000 subscribers, wow, you deserve it! 💐 And no, don't shave your facial hair it looks good on you 😊

  5. Hey Abraham, I want to be a pharmacist when I grow up. I have three questions:

    1) Is it hard to become a pharmacist?

    2) And do I have do know medicines? Because I can't even pronounce any of them.

    3) Is there something I need to be good at to be a pharmacist? (For example: math for architect)

    Sorry if I ask too many question, but I just need to know them. 😂 Thank you!!

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