Walgreens | Vitamin Angels: Meet Lisendji

Meet Lisendji, a playful four-year-old girl from Haiti She lives in the small village of Marin with her family, where she is attending kindergarten Lisendji’s diet consists primarily of rice and beans, starch-heavy foods lacking in the
essential nutrients she needs as a growing child Malaria outbreaks, which are
common in her village, threaten her health and risk diverting the family’s
hard-earned income to healthcare expenses Thanks to partners like Walgreens, Lisendji was able to receive her first dose of vitamin A and a deworming tablet
when she was only 6 months old This support helped ensure Lisendji’s
good health despite the challenges Eager to become a nurse when she grows up,
Lisendji finds it fascinating to watch her father provide vaccines and
veterinary services to the village animals Thank you for helping to stop malnutrition
from the start for children like Lisendji

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