Was ist Vitamin D? ☀️ Und wie kann ein Mangel ausgeglichen werden? 😎💪

Vitamin D has become the big shooting star among vitamins in recent years. Why? According to the current nutrition report approximately every second austrian as well as every second German has a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is therefore considered a so-called risk nutrient. Therefore one should pay attention to the Vitamin D status especially in the winter months. What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is the only vitamin that the body can produce itself. Strictly speaking, vitamin D is therefore not a vitamin at all, but the precursor of a hormone. How does the body produce vitamin D? By sun irradiation. In order to produce this vital hormone we need a certain amount of UVB radiation. In our latitudes, however, the solar radiation is not sufficient outside the summer time, to produce enough vitamin D in the skin. This is particularly unfavorable for our bones, for example. They need vitamin D for the storage of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D plays an important role in the maintenance of normal bones. Vitamin D also supports our muscles and teeth. One should not forget also the positive influence of vitamin D on our immune system. How can I absorb vitamin D? The vitamin D requirement of a person is over 80 percent covered by the body’s own synthesis via the skin. This means that the sun is our most important source of vitamin D. For a sufficient supply the austrian nutrition report recommends to expose face, hands and arms daily for about ten minutes to sunlight between april and september. All those who are not exposed to the sun should pay attention to a vitamin-d-rich diet. But be careful. Food is secondary for the supply with vitamin D and usually not sufficient. With the exception of fatty fish and liver, most foods contain only small amounts of the so called sun vitamin. How much vitamin D does the body need? According to the German Nutrition Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung), in order to ensure sufficient supply 800 so-called international units per day are necessary. It is hardly possible to absorb this amount of vitamin D through a normal diet and for the body’s own synthesis all prerequisites have to be met with regard to solar exposure. This is not possible all year round in our latitudes. This is why vitamin D is one of the most important food supplements of our time. We recommend that you have your vitamin D status checked. Because according to the Austrian and German Nutrition report, to ensure sufficient vitamin D supply a vitamin D preparation is necessary. Watch your health!

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2 thoughts on “Was ist Vitamin D? ☀️ Und wie kann ein Mangel ausgeglichen werden? 😎💪

  1. 800 IE für Säuglinge aber ein Erwachsener braucht viel mehr ,er wiegt ja auch mehr😀mindestens 5000IE pro Tag bei einem Gewicht von 50 kg für Erwachsene,wiegt man mehr,braucht man mehr.Wichtig ist allerdings,daß man bei Mangel,den D3 Spiegel erstmal anheben muß,also erstmal auffüllen muß,ist er aufgefüllt kann man dann zu der täglichen Dosis über gehen.Kann jeden nur empfehlen einen Test zu machen,aber den muß man seit 1.4.2018 selber zahlen! Der beste Wert ist zwischen 80-100 ng/ ml😊
    Für die Info wie wichtig D3 ist,gibt es einen klaren Daumen hoch👍🏻

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