WE WON 2019 Vitamin Shoppe’s Battle of the Brands!

I’m busy! He hasn’t come out of here all day. He’s been acting real weird. What are you doing? You’ve been in here
all day. I’m just uhm… I’m just hitting refresh again You’re losing your tan. again, again You’re losing gains. You haven’t eaten. I’ve never had a tan. I’m just trying to see if we won. You haven’t eaten all day. You gotta sign my paycheck. You’re gonna break the computer. Sign my paycheck. We gotta call Darielle. Oh! We gotta call Darielle. Oh! What? Oh God, he’s having a stroke! You alright? We won! Aaron… We won! breathe! What are you talking about? We won Battle of the Brands!

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4 thoughts on “WE WON 2019 Vitamin Shoppe’s Battle of the Brands!

  1. I made three comments to these people and I didn't post if case you don't know the people that bought the health Industries vitamin shop where I've been by my vitamin supplements cuz I didn't want to get them from Walmart no more cuz of their crap and now the same people that owned companies that sell to Walmart bought up the Vitamin Shoppe the people that own the pharmaceutical industry the Rothschild The Rockefellers and JP Morgan in a few things are just Bankers you're a moron because they own everything in the world and they do not want people healthy they want people unhealthy so they can sell their products to him which is Pharmaceuticals it in that wonderful Vitamin Shoppe morons

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