Weight Gain Supplements That Work

Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from SkinnyGainMuscle.com,
bringing you another video lesson on how to gain weight if you’re skinny.
And in this video we’re looking at choosing Weight Gain Supplements to help you gain weight.
Now, it’s worth bearing in mind and remembering that supplements are OPTIONAL. You do not
need them to gain weight and to bulk up, or put on mass, IF you pay close attention to
your nutrition and you train correctly. However, if you’re finding it difficult to
fit 5 to 7 ‘whole food meals’ in each day – and to meet your nutritional and calorie
needs on a daily basis – then you might want to consider taking supplements to help increase
and meet your calorie requirements in your overall goal to gain weight.
And it’s also worth bearing in mind that the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar
industry. So there’s a lot of “hype” surrounding supplements.
So if you do start turning your attention towards taking supplements, you’ve got to
know that there are hundreds of brands to choose from. And so it’s worth really taking
the time to get educated first – because these supplements can get pretty expensive – It’s
worth getting educated first, so you don’t end up wasting your money on getting the wrong
supplements, or just believing the hype and going for something that doesn’t work at all.
So let’s take a look at what supplements work, and how best to go about choosing weight gain
supplements. Now the 2 supplements I recommend to you,
to gain weight more easily, are: Whey Protein powder and Creatine Monohydrate powder.
And first of all, Whey Protein is a “complete protein”, containing all 8 essential amino
acids that your body needs. And it’s more speedily absorbed by the body than other types
of protein, like casein. So, if you’re struggling to fit in 5 to 7
whole food meals in each day, you might want to try 2 to 3 whey protein shakes – ideally
as a pre- and post-workout meal. And one more tip about whey protein: just go for a basic
whey protein POWDER, and add your own sugar to it. This will save you money, and have
just as good an effect as the more expensive brands (that include sugars already).
After whey protein comes the Creatine Monohydrate Powder. And creatine is the most widely researched
sports supplement in the world. It gives you greater endurance in the gym, so you can lift
heavier for longer, so you can then build more lean tissue – lean muscle tissue.
And this increases the amount of water stored in your muscles, so you gain weight quickly.
And it also helps speed up recovery in-between workouts. In fact, it’s actually possible
to make 5 to 10 pounds in body weight gains in just 3-4 weeks of using creatine. It’s
actually very possible to do this, if you’re supplementing your training sessions and diet
with creatine. But a lot of that has to do with the fact that you retain more water.
But those weight gains of 5-10 lbs are very possible.
But once again: Remember that they are OPTIONAL. And there are other supplements you can take.
But those, in my opinion, the Whey Protein and the Creatine Powder, are the most important
2 for making impressive muscular and weight gains as a skinny guy IF you’re having trouble
meeting your daily calorie needs. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video.
Thanks very much for watching. And if you like the information here, and
you want to learn more about what you can do to gain weight and muscle if you’re skinny,
then I’ve created a bunch more videos for you.
And to get 20 more free videos, simply head on over to www.SkinnyGainMuscle.com
Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.

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