What are proteins made up of?

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In this video I would like to talk about proteins.Proteins are essential for your cells and body. These are over 100 types of proteins but what
is a protein? Proteins are long strands of amino acids
There are 20 types of amino acids to create proteins
DNA is transcribed into an RNA transcript and the ribosomes uses this to create the
correct order of the amino acids. What are some of the jobs of proteins? Some proteins like collagen are used as building
blocks and structural support for hair, nails,skins, ligaments and tendons Enzymes some proteins are enzymes which help
speed up chemical reactions. Digestion Pepsin is used in your stomach to
help with digestion Some proteins move molecules from one place
to another. Hemoglobin found in blood helps transport
oxygen in the body. Proteins help in muscle contraction. The protein actin and myosin are both involved
in muscle contraction and movement. Some proteins regulate body functions. The protein insulin regulates glucose metabolism
by controlling the blood-sugar concentration. Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune
system to help remove foreign substances and fight infections. As you can see the proteins produced at the
ribosomes help the cell and body stay alive and function properly.

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