What are the Best Vitamins for Weight Loss? (Vitamin and Supplement Advice)

– Vitamins play an important
role in bodily functions and maintaining good health. With so many different options out there and marketing gimmicks
telling you that you need certain vitamins to lose weight, it could be hard to weed out what is actually necessary. (lighthearted music) Before we dive further into this subject, I have a free resource for you that will help you long
after this video is over. So download my “3 Biggest
Lies You’ve Been Taught “About Weight Loss” in the link below. So let’s talk about vitamins. Are they actually effective? Well, yes and no. See, whenever someone wants to talk to me about vitamins or they ask me, “Cristy, I need a multivitamin. “What do I do?” The first thing I ask is why? Why do you think you need a multivitamin? Has your primary care provider told you that you need one? Are you deficient in a certain area? Do you have the blood work to back it up? Do you have proof that you’re deficient? I don’t want you just
randomly taking vitamins arbitrarily without any kind of guidance, without any kind of
proof that you need them. Do you really need them? Because truthfully, if you’re eating the rainbow of colors of vegetables, you don’t need additional
exogenous vitamins. You are getting all the vitamins you need in a well-rounded diet, plenty of air, plenty of sunlight, plenty of good sleep,
plenty of good water. So be sure you know why you
think you need a vitamin. So on the Code Red lifestyle, we recommend that everybody
takes two vitamins. Vitamin D3 and magnesium. These are the vitamins
that 88% of all people are deficient in. Why is it that we’re
deficient in vitamin D3? Because in this hemisphere,
we don’t get enough sunlight. In fact, in order for you to get the adequate amount of vitamin D3, you would need to lay outside in your swimsuit with no sunscreen on and not move for at
least 20 minutes a day. And then you would be
getting enough vitamin D3. So we notice that people do much better, bodily functions so much
better on vitamin D3. And we recommend you take
about 5000 units a day which I know sounds like a lot, but it’s actually not a lot. Of course, always follow
your doctor’s orders. Now magnesium, it is very very crucial that you get the right
amount of magnesium. We sell these on our Code Red website. CodeRedLifestyle.com, we have
Code Red branded magnesium and D3 from XYMOGEN which
is a high grade company that we absolutely believe in. Magnesium does so many things in the body, but one of the great things
because it’s a calming mineral is that you wanna take it at night and that way it’ll help you sleep. But it has so many other benefits. A funny little story that I’ll tell you is one time when I went to my primary, and she ran some blood work on me to see where my levels were, she said, “I thought you were taking vitamin D.” And this was years ago
before I learned this, this is why I learned this. And I said, “Yeah I’m
taking 5000 units a day.” And she said, “It’s not even
showing up on your blood work.” So when I told her about the brand that I was taking from some
of the big-chain stores, we found out that it was a
very very low grade vitamin D. The problem with low grade supplements from some of the big drug stores or some of the big stores
that a lot of us shop at is they do not have a good absorbency rate and they end up breaking
down in your stomach and not being digested
in your large intestines where they can be utilized. So you end up just peeing
out expensive urine that does you no good. So because I was taking
a low grade vitamin D3, it didn’t even register. That’s when I learned the importance of having a high absorbency rate, the importance of having good ingredients in your supplements. Making sure that they are being absorbed and metabolized correctly
and that’s what we offer on the Code Red Lifestyle page. Under Shop, we offer Code
Red branded magnesium and vitamin D3 from a very
reputable company called XYMOGEN. Look it up, that’ll really help you. If you wanna take the
guess work out of vitamins, I’ve included a link below to my shop page on my website where you’ll be able to find Code Red approved products and more. If you liked this video,
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when I release a new video. But listen, I wanna hear from you. Comment below and tell me what supplements do you take and why? Why do you take them? I think a lot of you guys are gonna be surprised when you ask yourself why. You might not even know the reason why you take ’em. So comment below, I would
love to hear from you. And I’ll see you in the next video. (lighthearted music)

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