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100 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT FOR THE WEEK | 2018

  1. I don’t get all the h8 for bananas these days, so my favorite part was that he eats bananas – that and how he had Jell-O pudding cups on his Protein side of the counter 😀

  2. How do you process the food? Food cravings are the most difficult for me, i exercise daily but when it comes to food I can't help my self 😭

  3. Should I just lightly pulse the ground turkey, broccoli, shrimp, onion and jello in the blender, or completely purée it on high speed?

  4. I watched The Game Changer. In that documentary, world-class athletes recommend a plant-based diet instead of eating meat to improve performance. What are your thoughts?

  5. It'd be awesome to see how you do to not find your meals boring or repetitive.
    Also, what do you think of Protein powders or meal replacements?

  6. I go to the gym every day, but I have a lot of fat on my stomach 2 site, to look very bad, please give any suggestions.

  7. christian, i love you, brother, but i don't mind my body fat cells. you need that for good reason when you live somewhere with different seasons, or close to a mountain. california and miami dudes and dudettes don't need fat but we do here because it's cold like half of the year, so i don't mind being a little fat during the wintertime, when it's freezing. (im not far as gorgeouss as you in looks, certainly, but can't help it… gh). peace! i love you too much to bare. 🙂

  8. Chris, thanks for being an inspiration. Curious if you drink alcohol at all. I’m trying not to drink but the special occasions it’s still nice. I know how much sugar and carbs most drinks have. Thnx.

  9. This is my carbs, whatttt. Where is the rice man, where is the oats man, where is the real carbs man. If only i could eat that everyday, that would be awesome. But dude we asian could not survive without rice. Anyways this might give me some idea to combine my meal prep thanks bro.

  10. Why do you say carbs for the brokkoli? 4grs of carbonhydrate in a 100 gramms so even a kg is not even close to a muscle building meal plan.

  11. What if I want to burn belly fat and build muscle?
    Currently work at a restaurant as a general manager so food is not a problem !:)

  12. The only bad stuff / unhealthy food I could see on your list is the canned Beans. Because canned fruit and or vegetables and or canned beans are filled with shelf-life preservatives; and all of the enzymes & almost all the nutrients are killed off during the processing operations. Its better to go for either organic or frozen; and cheaper to buy in bulk whenever possible. I enjoy your channel very much, BTW).

  13. This is the firat time im watching this video. Im kinda new. Haha! More tattoo stories i guess. That's so interesting what you shared about your knuckle tattoo. Hope to know about u! Peace

  14. Love the channel. I am currently trying to perfect my workout routine and diet. I live in Australia and unfortunately these groceries would cost a bit more than $115. Keep up the good work!

  15. Lets say you are doing fat burning exercises today, do you eat the same thing throughout the day? like you eat a meal [with the same ingridients] in morning, afternoon and evening? or how many meals do you have/ should you have per day?

  16. Should use butter instead of vegetable oil. Butter is more stable at high temperature and does not oxidize compared to vegetable oil, which is a a polyunsaturate. Butter is straight saturated fat. Way better for you aka less toxic than vegetable oil

  17. so u eat this before working out? if so when should u eat after a work out as well? do we eat the same. or can u just working out on an empty stomach? thank in advance please rely.

  18. Dude!! You’re not breaking down your meals (breakfast, supper, diner) and in between food. Pls be more specific!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  19. Works out at home don’t have to deal with out of shape gym jocks hating win win that’s what I’m trying to do to build a home gym sick of that kind of negativity.

  20. Happy to see another skater with the same health and fitness goals as myself!!! Keep riding bro, shout out from Sarasota, FL!

  21. could you suggest me some snack for while I am at work and I can't have a proper lunch break bc I work for 6/7 hours straight? I am a girl and I am starting since July w a little bit of gym adding some Calisthenics exercises. Thanks ps Love your page and your motivation! keep inspiring

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