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100 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO STAY FIT

  1. Yes ! I’ve always wanted the roast chicken recipe because you used to eat it in the vlogs and It looked so good ! You’re so right. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring lol

  2. I'm 17, I feel I'm starting too early but my fitness goal is to stay healthy, eat healthy, look younger as I age with grace, keep fit and look pretty, be physically active coz it really help stay healthy.

  3. I'm so going to make your roast chicken tomorrow for dinner! I've been waiting for you to share your recipe.

  4. Do you eat this everyday? If not, can you PLEASE show us what other foods you eat throughout the week?? I know it will be difficult bcus of the mom life but show us other “what I eat in a day” videos so we have variety. This was really helpful. I’m always confused as to what healthy foods I should eat through the day and this was SIMPLE! Easy to understand. Not like those crazy complicated videos I see. So thank you and please keep these foood videos coming Latoya! xx

  5. Just subscribed❤So glad you made this channel because i need ways to eat healthy and stay fit.

  6. Is this what you eat to maintain your weight, or are you still working on gains? I imagine when you were gaining you were eating more?

  7. Latoya seriously, thank you so much for making this video. It honestly gave me the courage and motivation to start my healthy journey. Please please do more videos like this. Btw… I have to try your roast chicken I see you on your vlog channel eating it a lot lol. Love you and your family. 😘

  8. Thanks for the inspiration Latoya… So helpful, being I'm working on losing weight myself and getting fit. 😊 Btw, food looks great. and I can def relate to tearing up my room, in the mist of figuring out what I'm going to wear…. Straight disaster.

  9. What temperature did you set the oven for the roast chicken and after you added the potatoes and carrots, how much longer did you leave it in the oven for?

  10. Great video ! I love these kind of video . I hope you do more Healthy recipes I know if your eating it it will taste good.

  11. Do you track macros and have you ever binge eat like go crazy please I’d appreciate it because I lift weights but I over eat and eat a whole bag of cashews and Mac and cheese and pretzels lawd

  12. I almost missed this video by you Latoya! Do you ever think about putting these fitness videos on your main channel too?!

  13. Yesss keep posting what i eat in a day videos! You have alot of foods in ur kitchen that i would normally have in my kitchen so it makes it soo much easier ! Not to mention im not just cooking for myself iv got a hungry man at home so its nice i can kinda go off your proportions.

  14. Hey Latoya I love how easy you make it seem and easy to understand … I gained weight about 40 pounds since I got married ,my goal is to loose those pounds and feel like myself again .

  15. Great tips !! Thank you sooo much . Your right , i beat myself up all the time when i fall off and if i try eatting right doing the week and try to cheat on the weekends .. I think that would really be helpful for me ! Thank you .♥️

  16. I didn’t know you had a fitness channel and now I’m subscribing I’m trying to get healthy and trying to stop dieting and try to make it a healthy lifestyle instead

  17. Toya, if you rub your chicken with salt and let it sit for 4-5h it'll make the water drain and the skin gets even crispier when you bake it

  18. Thank you LaToya, I started the weight gain program today! I learned a lot from watching this video. My goal is to gain at least 30 pounds overall!

  19. Just like to say your my favorite YouTuber , after having my baby a year ago , I just can’t get my belly right , I need discipline, I know since your my favorite You tuber and that you inspire me than I can actually watch and want to loose the pounds !
    Another thing I keep doubting myself about YouTube ! I just want my husband son and I to have the lifestyle that your husband and you have , it’s so beautiful . Also the last time I started a channel I fell off because I doubted myself !
    Anyway Latoya you inspire me to be better and follow my dreams and also be more outgoing and myself !
    Anyway guys subscribe to our YouTube channel “ the johnsons forreal”

  20. Hey new here, love your content! I've started eating much healthier during the week, make sure I get my protein in, lots if vegetables and carbs mostly from complex carbs and I do NOT feel bad for eating that donut or burger if I want one at weekend and I'm managing my weight better. There's definitely a lot to be said for a nutrient dense diet. I'm actually eating more now so I definitely now believe not all carbs and calories are created equal and I've drastically reduced my sugar intake in the meantime and increased healthy fats, just effortlessly achieving my goals now, yet to nutrient dense foods! Check out my instagram for my healthy meal ideas @michelles kitchen diaries xxxxxxxxxx

  21. I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old yes it’s busy every minute but I have to make thine for me to be fit and strong to take care of them !! I love your videos

  22. Girl you are the real MVP!(does anyone use that phrase in 2018) nwa latoya its so nice of you to have put this video into consideration,i remember requesting it on our shestough facebook group.thank you.

  23. My unasked for advice… these bids are too long. To gain your workout audience, make it short sweet and stick to the point. Some of these videos are vloggy. Lol love you

  24. Loved the video! My fitness goals is to get back on track with my eating and exercise. I document my journey on my channel. Its been a while but I'm ready to shed some lbs and motivate😊

  25. Girl, I watched your video(this one) just got back home with lots of goodies! Kashi bars, dry lentils for soup, organic chicken thighs, lots of fruit and veggies!!!! Salsa and tings!!!! Pumpkin seeds and more! My daughter was like LATOYA told you to get all of this???? 😂😂😂😂. Yep and let’s get it! Lol

  26. Thank you so much, im tired of living in Procrastination Blvd, and not doing anything village except everyday saying I really need to lose weight, this almost 70 pounds that I put on must go so I am inspired. Thank you for making this video.❤

  27. My fitness goals us to get back to at least 135lbs or 140 will do for now right now im at 190 and im only 5ft, not acceptable for my height and heart, I need to be healthy, my metabolism has came to a screeching halt it seems as if. I know I need something drastic donim ready for a drastic makeover….. Thank you so much again.❤

  28. it amazes me how u look exactly like your mom… I cant wait to have my own kids, hoping at least one will be my twin

  29. Is there another choice that's healthy other than peanut butter cause I really hate peanut butter lol .. (if anybody has an answer)

  30. Do u mind if i ask how is your nipples after surgery? if u did it through d areola* is it numb or only numb till healed ??

  31. Latoya hi from Trinidad I want to know if the multivitamin  powder you are using can men use it too?

  32. I love fish it’s so good salmon is healthy and my mom makes it for and I clean my plate that’s how much I love salmon

  33. I’m confused. In this channel i said to eat carbs and in your main channel u made a video on how you lost 45 lbs and you said to not eat carbs? I purchased both of ur plans and now seeing this makes me confused.

  34. I love this. I am gonna try your salmon recipe because I was just saying that I don't know how to make salmon but I love it! Also, you've inspired me to try to do a lifestyle change. I want to lose 20 pounds so bad and I've been struggling for YEARS!!! I was always skinny but older age has changed things so I'm having a hard time getting my mind wrapped around all of this. Lol!

  35. Ok I'm back to comment again. Lol! I commented mid-watching before. I'm inspired. Love this! You make it real and you make it approachable. I'm gonna give it an honest try. Step one! Getting rid of the junk food in my house. (LORD!)

  36. This video is right on time. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to film, edit, plus family life. You are my inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to show us how you got and kept your snatch body. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

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