What is a Medicare Supplement “Medigap” Insurance Plan?

Hi, my name is Chad Cason. Senior Health and Life Insurance Services. And today I’ll be covering what is a Medicare Supplement Plan? And why do I need it? Hi, I’m Chad Cason and if you’re going on Medicare if you’re already on Medicare you’re only going to have 80% coverage for your hospital and medical expenses. So that’s why you need a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. A Medicare Supplement Plan basically just picks up where Medicare leaves off. And so you have 11 different Medicare Supplement Plans to choose from and I’ve actually created a video on each one of those Medicare Supplement Plans. So that you can get you know more information and specifics on each plan. But basically there’s some other aspects and components that you need to be aware of. Number one, am I actually eligible for Medicare? Number two, how do you find the right Medicare Supplement Plan? And how do you enroll in the right Medicare Supplement Plan? And three, you know what company do you call? And so at the end of this video you’re going to see some other videos pop up that you can watch that will kind of go over that information with you. As well as my contact information. will be in the description below this video.

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