What Is A Protein? What Is An Amino Acid? Protein Mysteries Solved – Primer On Amino Acids.

Chances are you’ve heard a little bit about protein and amino acids. But do you really know what they are and how they work? Protein is what the body’s structure is made of. Bones, muscle, tendons, ligaments, hair, skin, organs, and many hormones are all proteins. Now, how is protein created? The answer is in these 22 smaller molecules called amino acids. And herein lies the key. You see, there are eight of these amino acids that are extremely important. Without these the body cannot make the necessary protein to function. And these are not made by the body itself so they must be gotten from an outside source. Most protein supplements lack at least one or more of these amino acids. Now, let’s pretend that making a body protein is like building a car. And to build a car you need certain parts in the right proportions, like Four wheels, one body, one transmission, two headlights, one steering wheel, and a motor. Let’s call these parts amino acids. So what if we got a shipment of six wheels, one body, four transmissions, three headlights, two steering wheels, and one motor? How many cars could we make? Only one. But what about the extras? Well, they just become fuel to burn, get stored as fat, or our gotten rid of as waste. Because excess amino acids are not stored for later protein use. On the other hand, what if you got only two wheels and no steering wheel at all?That’s right. You can’t even make one car. Or, with the human body, you can’t make any body protein. That’s also what happens when you take whey protein powders or amino acid powders when they’re lacking in the right balance of the essential amino acids. And to take it one step further, there’s an exact blend of these that have been proven to get the best possible utilization. This blend is found in the supplement called PerfectAmino, of which the body utilizes a full 99%. In comparison, the body utilizes only 48 percent from eggs, 32% from meat, poultry, and fish, and only 18 percent of the protein in whey and soy powders. The rest goes to waste. So if you want help to build lean muscle mass, recover faster, improve health and organ function and feel great, then give PerfectAmino a try for yourself.

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