What is a virus? 10 Natural Ways To Optimize Your Immune System – Dr. Janine Bowring N.D.

Hello I’m Dr. Janine Bowring, Naturopathic
Doctor and today I will be discussing viruses and viral infections. I’ll describe what viruses are, what they
do to us and how we can prevent viral infections from really wreaking havoc in our bodies. Stick around until the end of this video to
LEARN 10 WAYS TO KEEP OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM RUNNING AT OPTIMAL LEVELS. So, what is a virus? That’s a great question! A virus is basically a microscopic piece of
genetic material, which is parasitic in nature in that it only survives and thrives off of
a host (being humans, animals) and is surrounded by a membrane or protein
coat. Once inside the host, it makes copies of itself
and this is why it can pose a challenge to our immune system The good news is that our immune system knows
how to defend itself when it is healthy and functioning properly. To function properly it needs certain nutrients,
which we’ll talk about shortly. Different viruses have different Reproductive
ratios, or R nought- which is basically the degree of spreadibility So, How much can 1 person infect? Basic flu virus has an R0 of 1 More serious viruses have an R0 of 3- exponential
curve Ideally we want to see an R0 decrease over
time, how do we do this? By quarantine, self- isolation, no large crowds,
washing hands, covering respiratory droplets, sneezing, coughing, protection …if the virus
has no host to live off of, it dies out. Viruses are everywhere- 1 tsp of seawater
has approx. 2 million viral particles Microbiome
Viome Who is more at risk for viral infections? Comorbidity- Obesity
Heart disease Diabetes
Chronic respiratory problems High bp
Cancer Vitamin D deficiency- which I’ll get into
later So WHAT ARE 10 WAYS TO keep our immune system
running at optimal levels? 1. Sauna- improve immunity- Heat shock proteins
2. Vitamin D
a. WHO for prevention of respiratory tract infections
3. Vitamin C
4. Herbal medicines-
a. Echinacea
b. Astragalus
c. Cloves
5. Eucalyptus- steam inhalation
6. Exercise- Get outdoors- Fresh air and Sunshine
7. Clean diet (decrease simple sugars, )
8. Intermittent fasting- Autophagy
9. Sleep
10. Mind at peace Let us know below if you have any questions. I’d love to hear your comments. If you have any suggestions on future videos
– please comments below. I’d love to hear from you. I’m Dr. Janine Bowring, Naturopathic Doctor. And make sure to
take care of your good health, naturally.

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