What Is The Best Weight Gainer Shake?

Hey, what’s up guys? This is Sean Nalewanyj,
of EliteImpactLabs.com, with another bodybuilding video lesson for you. And in today’s lesson,
I want to talk a little bit about weight gain powders. Now, these are a popular supplement
for naturally thin guys who are looking to build overall muscle mass and basically bulk
up. And what they basically are is a high calorie mix of protein, carbs and fats in
powdered form that makes it easier for you to meet your overall muscle building nutrition
needs. Now, this kind of powders can come in handy in two situations. A, for people
who have a busy schedule, and need the convenience of a meal in shake form, or secondly, for
guys who have higher calorie needs, but maybe don’t have a large appetite for whole foods.
But are weight gain powders a good supplement to include in your muscle building diet? And
if so, what is the best weight gainer available? Well, the first thing you need to keep in
mind is that any calories that you consume beyond your maximum muscle building needs
for the day are simply going to be stored as fat. Your body can only synthesize a limited
amount of muscle tissue in a given day. And if you go too far beyond what you need to
stimulate growth for that particular day, it’s just going to end up on your waist line
rather than as new muscle mass. So yes, you do need a calorie surplus of about 15% to
20% above maintenance in order to support muscle recovery and growth. But going too
far beyond that, it’s just going to work against you. And secondly, you need to realize that
most weight gain powders are actually a very simple mix. Usually all they are is whey protein
mixed with maltodextrin. Now, whey protein is great. It’s the best muscle building protein
source you can put in your body. But maltodextrin on the other hand is really nothing more than
a basic processed sugar. And most weight gain powders are generally going to contain somewhere
around 70, 80, 90, 100grams or more of maltodextrin per serving. Now, if this is consumed in limited
amounts and part of your overall macronutrient chart — totals, in other words if you’re
— if you’re taking into account exactly what you’re consuming, then it’s not bad, as long
as it’s only making up a small portion of your overall diet. But, the thing that you
need to realize is that, a mix that’s only containing whey protein and maltodextrin is
going to be very low in fiber, it’s going to be low in micronutrients. And these weight
gain shakes are also going to be low in healthy fats as well. So, yes, you can include these
weight gain powders if it only makes up a small portion of your diet, and if you are
tracking the protein, carb and fat totals. However, a much better option is simply this;
and that is to just buy whey protein on its own, and then mixing your own carbs and fats
at home. What this is going to do is it’s going to give you the high quality protein,
but it’s also going to give you the high quality carbs that are going to have the high fiber,
the high micronutrient, and you can mix in some healthy fats as well. So, there’s literally
an endless number of different homemade weight gain shakes that you could consume if you
just, you know, search Google or whatever, I’m sure you’ll find tons of recipes. But
today, I want to share with you one of my favorites. And this is one that I’ve been
using for probably four or five years. It’s very simple. It only takes maybe two or three
minutes to make, and it’s going to provide you with a good quality mix of protein, carbs
and fats to support muscle recovery and growth. So, I’ll put that recipe up on the screen.
Now, you can just pause the video and copy it down. And I’ll also post the macronutrient
breakdown as well. So, as you can see, this is a very simple and straightforward recipe.
And an 804calories, it’s going to make hitting your overall macronutrient needs a much easier
task. And it’s going to help you get those macronutrients from high quality sources.
Also keep in mind that that recipe that I just showed you there, it’s not set in stone,
you know, if you want to go even higher calorie, you can add in fruit, you can add in nuts,
flaxseed oil, you can add in yogurt, you can even add ice cream if you want it. So, again,
you can play around with it and see — see what you like best or alternative, if you
want to go a little bit lower calorie, you can just decrease the serving size. If you
do want a really high quality whey protein powder to use as the protein source for your
weight gain shakes or for any other protein shake that you’re making, I highly recommend
checking out IsoM3 whey protein over on EliteImpactLabs.com, and some of the highest quality protein you’re
going to find anywhere, and I’ll put the link in the description box for that. So, I hope
you found this video lesson useful. To get your free 28-day mass building plan, that
includes a free workout plan, meal plan and supplement plan, just click the link in the
description box to download that from EliteImpactLabs.com. Also make sure to subscribe if you haven’t
already to stay up-to-date on all of our future videos. And make sure to join the Elite Impact
Lab’s Facebook page, where we do free supplement giveaways every Thursday night. Thanks again,
for watching. And I’ll talk to you again soon.

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18 thoughts on “What Is The Best Weight Gainer Shake?

  1. Hey Sean I tried it exactly the way you said it's not the best shake in the world taste wise but its really nutrient dense. Also the oatmeal is more solid than liquid, what should I do make it more into a shake?

  2. The taste will vary depending on what protein powder you use. For the oatmeal, pre-blend it separately first, then add it to the shake and blend again.

  3. I've never tried adding it cooked up as long as it blends up and you enjoy it then sure. If you want the healthy fats but not the peanut butter then add some flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil (you won't taste it). If it's specifically peanuts that you don't like then almond butter is an option too.

  4. When I'm hungry 🙂

    Don't over-think it, specifics like that are not going to make any noticeable difference.

  5. Also is fat in a post workout shake a no no? considering fat will slow the release of the protein.

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