What is the difference between soy and whey protein?

HI, I’m Chris Freytag, national health and fitness expert. Are you confused by all the different
types of protein products out there? Soy or whey? Which one is right for you? The most obvious difference between whey
and soy protein is that whey protein comes from milk while
soy protein comes from plants. When compared to soy protein, BiPro
whey protein has higher levels the branched-chain amino acids needed by athletes. The body needs increased amounts these
amino acids after a strenuous workout or competition for muscle growth and repair. BiPro whey
protein also has a more neutral taste in soy protein and doesn’t leave an aftertaste or any sort of flavor in the foods and beverages with which
you mix it and when you do your research, you’ll find BiPro whey
protein Isolate is considered to be one of the most
nutritionally complete proteins available. For more information, go to BiProUSA.com

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