What kind of health insurance does Covered California provide?

What kind of health insurance does
covered California provide? Covered California provides quality health
coverage from brand-name insurance companies you’re probably familiar with.
Their plans offer a wide variety of doctors and hospitals, include free
preventive care, and limit the amount of money you’ll have to spend on health
insurance every year. You also have the choice of multiple levels of coverage
within each plan. When you select your plan through Covered California, you can
choose bronze, silver, gold, or platinum based on your needs and each includes
standardized levels of coverage. So how is the coverage standardized across
different insurance companies? Well, benefits are standardized across
different companies so if you look at the gold plan from one company, it’ll
have the same deductibles and co-pays as the gold plan from another. This helps
you make apples-to-apples comparisons. Let’s dig a little deeper. Platinum plans
have the highest monthly premium and cover around 90 percent of your
healthcare costs. Bronze plans have the lowest monthly premium, but only cover
around 60% of your health care costs. To help you choose the best plan for your
needs, consider the amount of money each of the different options cost per month,
and how often you or your family goes to the doctor. You can save money each month
by selecting a coverage level with a higher deductible, but if something major
happens you’ll be out of pocket for those expenses until your deductible is
met. So what it counts for the differences in price between insurance
companies? Insurance companies offer different doctors and hospitals in their
networks, so the lowest price plan may not always be the best option if it’s
the doctor or hospital that make the difference. Ready to see what options are
available for you?Just go to Covered CA com, click on Shop and Compare, and after
a few quick questions, you’ll see all the plans in your area and can choose the
one that best fits your needs. Remember, you can also check to see if
you qualify for financial assistance to pay for your coverage. More information
is available at Covered CA dot com. You can also call or find local help. There are
thousands of people working across California to help you.

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