What stretching actually does to your body ft. Sofie Dossi

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100 thoughts on “What stretching actually does to your body ft. Sofie Dossi

  1. If Sofie went to prison I’m sure she would have no problem doing a long stretch 🤔 ( yes I know it’s bad but it’s a Sunday)

  2. Good, a video with scientific evidence that you can't do "anything." Some people are just exceptional.

    If a person like Sophie was to have children with someone like Dwayne Johnson there is a higher than normal chance they'd produce a super human.

  3. Does Sofie take naps? I saw in a program that really flexible people have weaker tendons and ligaments. To keep their joints from dislocating they have to compensate for this with constant muscle tension. Hence they get tired.

  4. so i get 4 out of 9 on that test on how hypermobile i am. my little fingers can bend at over 90 degrees backwards, i can touch my left thumb to the inside of my forearm and i can easily bend down with straight legs and touch the floor with both my palms whilst having bent arms (i can pretty much fold myself in half and lay my upper body onto my legs without a problem

  5. As someone who has marfins I can also do some things that are considered hyper flexible, such as bending my limbs into any position.

  6. what about ostéogenesis with stretching? i suffer "gonarthrose" ( in french) and i think stretching help me a lot. thanx for the answer you could have. (i love your chanel)

  7. I have hyper-mobility and it's actually a huge problem for me. My joints overextend all the time (ex: knees bending the wrong way when I walk. I've been told by my physiotherapist that I have to work on building muscles that prevent me from moving too far or I'll have a lot of problems when I'm old.

    This makes me wonder if working with the mobility might be more beneficial than fighting it. I just checked, and after years of not putting my foot behind my head, I can still do it without pain… but I get daily pain in most of my major joints… don't know what to do… (they've talked about fitting me with braces to prevent over extension in my knees, elbows, and wrists… I'd rather not go that route.)

  8. Hi Physics girl. Do you have an easy way that a person can focus the mind, to achieve teleportation? I only did it once, so far. Let's say it is stretching the mind. Look up Dr. Bruce Goldberg's book,"Exploring the Fifth Dimension."

  9. are women (on average) more flexible than men? why? do they stretch more or do more sport that makes them stretch (e.g. gymnastics, ballet, dancing) compared to men, or is it biological?

  10. ·

    What does science have to say about how to get more flexible?
    {{K. Michael Rowley, PhD – USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy}}
    {{ https://pt.usc.edu/about-usc-biokinesiology-and-physical-therapy/faculty-directory-n-z/k-michael-rowley-phd/ }}
    Well, Michael pointed me to this really interesting meta-analysis, which is like a big study that actually synthesizes all the findings from other studies, in this case, 23 other studies, which looked at how to get the best benefits on improved range of motion, or flexibility.
    And they found that ☛☞ static stretching, that is when you ease into a stretch and then hold it for 30 to 60 seconds, that's the best for improved range of motion, or flexibility. ☜☚
    And as far as how much to stretch, they found that ☛☞ five minutes total per week of one muscle group ☜☚ was sort of the lower limit.
    But you didn't see much more of a benefit over 10 minutes a week of stretching. And six days out of the week was the plateau of seeing returns.
    So the more you stretch per day doesn't keep increasing the benefits, but ☛☞ that frequency, six days a week and then the five minutes total for that week, is what's important. ☜☚
    Source: 05:15 onwards http://youtube.com/watch?t=315s&v=1JgBp7dX4AU
    What stretching actually does to your body ft. Sofie Dossi – (Channel "Physics Girl" on YouTube)

  11. As a old hyperflexible rhythmic gymnast and a biologist in the making, I found this video very interesting 😄 Now I know what is happening in my body 😅

  12. I know this video is the usual positive upspin fluff. Sorry to be that guy. Stretching is fine, but if you start contortion style extreme stretches involving your spine at a young age, you can look forward to stunted growth, you'll be short and stocky. And nothing says attractive like short and stocky. 😉

  13. I stretch more than people my age as I have for years and feel young look much younger than they do and now Wonder if stretching is the reason

  14. You did not actually cover down sides and risks of this process as the pinched nerve for example which I don't believe Sofie does not have… Huge dislike from me as by showing only one side of this process in your video you actually put into risk teenagers who does not have their brains yet but already have ability to watch your videos on youtube.

  15. I was rear-ended, and the physical therapist said my thoracic spine is hypermobile. It's actually a handful of herniated discs according to MRIs, lol.


    Hope this helps.

     YOGA is internal and intuitive based and utilizes all those methodologies + deliberate conscious relaxation or ease as much as a possible and esoteric term called SAT thus when all these are combined or actually rise synergistically from within we get hypermobility seen in Yoga and in your stretchy friend, as from a girl she has been doing it . NOTE applying such techniques from outside will rarely work as you cannot keep regimes up thye are not inherently human ! That is being your own tutor instructor it is as much as possible an inner thing, do- it , enjoy it , open up mentally and physically etc , so forth.

  17. Scientists: "Is there a scientifically supported way of becoming more flexible? Look at that, Yoga, roughly 5.000 years of try-and-error, is that scientific? Naaaaah… Whats that? Qi Gong? 10.000 years of methodologic evolution! Scientific? You must be kidding."… Science is great, but scientists for the most part aren't.

  18. There is actually a way to reduce anxiety through tensing certain muscle groups from one muscle group the next. I don't remember exactly what it's called but I have used it before.

  19. And then there is what I call tension stretching. It is where I find a point of tension, flex the muscle stressed till it becomes…. malleable. When I do this I find my range of motion is extended, as well.

  20. Ok well.. I stretch all the time and my pain is still here and my flexibility which wasn’t even great as a teen does not get better, I have been trying to get a left split back for five years and I am legit no further now than I was five years ago. Wtf

  21. 5 mins a day for each muscle group is a lot. the way she said 5 mins a day for 6 days made its sound easy but the number of different stretches there are, holding them for 5 mins each would take a lot of time

  22. so 5 minutes of yoga on a daily basis would be perfect for your muscles right whatever yoga or stretching that must keep the body into shape

  23. She will regret it later in life. I used to be able to bend my fingers back to touch the back of my hand. Now I have knuckle joint issues in my thirties.

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