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(upbeat music) – My favorite, vitamin C! Welcome to Dear Derm by
Beauty Geek for Well and Good. I’m Dr. Mona Gohara, a dermatologist in New Haven Connecticut. And I’m here to answer your most pressing
questions about skincare. Got questions? Hit me up! (upbeat music) Vitamin C is seriously one of my faves. So let me break it down. Vitamin C is a super
star skincare ingredient and an antioxidant that
goes by many names. The most common of which
are L-ascorbic acid, or get ready for this,
tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. That’s a freakin’ mouthful. It’s found in serums, eye
creams, moisturizers, and mists. I love to tell my patients to use it because it scavenges free radicals, resulting in brighter,
better functioning skin. Skin is the largest organ in your body and it certainly has a function. (upbeat music) I’m going full beauty geek on you here. Are you ready? Free radicals are unbound electrons that are found all throughout
the body including the skin. The body really likes balance, and so these bad guys will
go around to healthy cells and try and jump them for their electrons to help balance themselves out. The end result of this is
cell damage and cell death, in a process called oxidation, which ultimately causes us to age. Really big bummer. I think of free radicals
like little Pac-Man pellets, and antioxidants like the
Pac-Man that goes around gupping them up to make sure that they don’t wreak
cosmetic havoc in your skin. (roaring) Okay, okay, but there’s
good news, I promise! Antioxidants like those found in vitamin C offer up their electrons
to help balance things out. This is true for drinking OJ, eating C-rich foods
like broccoli and kale, and also for slathering the vitamin C on your face in the form of a serum. (upbeat music) Come on, guys, would I
ever lead you astray? The short answer is, of course it will. Not only is it like sunscreen in that it’s a preventative ingredient, meaning you’ll reap the
big time benefits of it in the long run, but it’s
also frequently tapped as a brightening agent. That’s because due to
its antioxidant prowess, it can decrease the formation of melanin and some studies have also shown that it’s a pretty
potent anti-inflammatory that can help with conditions
like acne and rosacea. (upbeat music) Slow your roll, buddy. Vitamin C is an amazing
ingredient but, look, just like that Bumble
date you had last weekend it sure isn’t perfect. Vitamin C is a highly unstable ingredient, which means that the
chemistry behind the bottle that you’re slathering
on is super important. Here are a few things to look for. Number one, make sure that the vitamin C is bottled with a pal. Frequently, vitamin C is paired together with vitamin E or ferulic acid, because not only does it amp
up its anti-oxidant activity that we love so much, it also helps to stabilize the vitamin C. One of the holy grail products is Skinceutical’s CE Ferulic. They cracked this code a long time ago. Number two, look for an opaque bottle, because vitamin C is so
testy and temperamental, it can oxidize when exposed
to too much sunlight. So you wanna make sure to
look for an opaque bottle that won’t let light in. And bonus points for a closed pump system that won’t let air into
your container, as well. Number three, make sure
that it’s not brown. If your serum has changed
colors from liquid gold to drought of living death, which is a Harry Potter
reference, you’re welcome, it’s time to ditch it
because it has oxidized. Slathering that on your
face won’t do you any good by any means because it means that those generous
electron-giving antioxidants are done for. Typically, this won’t
happen for about six months, so make sure to use your serum religiously so that you don’t ever have to face this heartbreaking situation. (upbeat music) You’ll find vitamin C in a
lot of things these days. Start with a serum like
Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, Obagi Vitamin C Serum,
Revision Vitamin C Serum, and Drunk Elephant Vitamin C. I see you, vitamin C! It’s most effective in the
morning before leaving the house, so you’re ready to face all of
those environmental stressors that cause free radical production. After you wash your face,
layer on your vitamin C, follow with your other steps, and top it all off with sunscreen. (upbeat music) I recommend using vitamin C in the morning like we talked about
to help protect against ultra violet free radicals and
actually pollution, as well, for all of you city dwellers. And then separate it at night by adding on your vitamin A or retinol, ’cause vitamin C and retinol
don’t really play well in the sandbox together. They’re both wonderful ingredients, but you gotta separate ’em
or else they’ll rumble. So C in the morning, vitamin A at night. Do you see all these Cs? I love Vitamin C because it
can come in the form of serums, you can get it in body oils. I personally love this, as
well, ’cause it’s a sunscreen so you’re kind of doing
double duty protection. It’s fantastic. So there’s something for everybody and I really think that
everyone should consider incorporating this into
their morning routine. I think that vitamin C is
essentially the LBD of skincare ’cause it makes absolutely
everybody look better. That’s the T on vitamin C! I’m Dr. Mona Gohara and this is Dear Derm. Subscribe to Well and Good
for even more skin explainers that make your getting
ready routine a C breeze. (upbeat music) Vitamin C-ya later.

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  1. Well+Good Squad!!🙋🏾‍♀️❤ Love dear Derm.❤ Can we get a Fall skincare routine especially for sensitive skin. 🙈 Going to pick up My Vitamin C Serum today and Incorporate it into my Morning routine. 👍🏾✔

  2. Great info Dr. Gobara! What do you recommend for someone with rosacea for Vitamin C (morning) and Retinol (night)?

  3. Not sure if you will see this but what are your thoughts on the Youth or Dare Vitamin C Serum from Tarte? I purchased it and I like it so far but I feel like I need more recommendations because I’m new to skincare ❤️

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