Why Do Men Get Beer Bellies?

Narrator: Americans love beer. On average, 42% of them prefer it to any other kind of alcohol, so you might not be shocked to hear that according to multiple studies, over half of American
adults have a beer gut. But don’t swear off your
Friday-night cold one just yet because it’s not beer
specifically that’s to blame. Apple or hourglass, oval
or inverted triangle, everyone has their own body shape, and that’s partially
because people store fat in different places depending on their genetics and hormones. For women, popular spots
include the thighs, arms, and backside, while men tend to store
fat in their bellies. Much of it is a type of
fat called visceral fat, which lurks deep within the stomach. In men, visceral fat tends to pile up behind the abdominal wall where
it pushes the abs outward, creating a protruding beer belly. Though that name, “beer belly,” is kind of a misnomer because beer bellies aren’t
exclusive to beer drinkers. That’s because the problem
isn’t the actual beer. It’s the calories inside it. On average, your favorite ale contains around 150 calories per can. That’s 30 to 50 more calories than a 5-ounce glass of wine and 45 more than a shot of whiskey. And if you don’t burn them off, those extra calories can
go straight to your gut. But not only do the
number of calories matter, but the kind of calories. Beer contains high levels
of processed carbs, which research shows can
interfere with insulin levels and promote fat storage
around your organs. And while a serving of wine, for instance, contains just 1 or 2 grams of carbs, a serving of beer contains 10 to 20. It doesn’t really matter
whether these calories and carbs come from beer specifically or from some other kind of junk food. So the good news is beer in moderation shouldn’t
give you a beer belly. That being said, no matter
where it comes from, a beer belly is bad news. That’s because visceral fat
wraps around your kidneys, liver, and intestines and releases hormones that can disrupt their normal function, and that can lead to issues
like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. If that’s not bad enough, once your belly runs out of
room to store that visceral fat, your body might start building
it up inside nearby organs, which can lead to fatty liver
disease and other issues. In fact, one study found
that men with beer bellies or a waste-to-hip ratio over 0.9 had a 87% higher risk for death than those who carried
the same amount of fat in other parts of their body. 87%, that’s right. So even if you’re otherwise skinny, a spare tire can threaten your life. And guys are more likely to grow a gut as they get older because testosterone, a sex hormone that helps keep
men slim, decreases with age. While it’s fun to joke about
your developing dad bod, maybe just stick to having
one or two brewskis a night instead of the whole six-pack.

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83 thoughts on “Why Do Men Get Beer Bellies?

  1. Wait what, 900 calories in beer( which is a six pack), and that 1200 calories of Jack in the box! So I'm total I'm consuming like 2100 extra calories!!

  2. just remember 87% more likely doesnt always mean much.

    if the average person has a 3% chance of dying then that amounts to a 5.6% risk for someone with a large gut.

    so the real question is how likely is a person to die in the context of this video

    without relevant figures this is fear mongering

    just like saying "women over 40 are twice as likely to produce a child with birth defects"

    because twice as likely in this case indicates that the risk has gone from 1% to about 2% which is still very low risk.

  3. I’ve been plagued with the beer belly and I’m 29. I don’t know why we men store fat mainly in our bellies. It’s weird but I like my beer belly and want it to keep growing. But I do have high blood pressure, high triglycerides and high cholesterol and get mild chest pain sometimes. Supposed to be on a statin but I stopped taking it few months ago cuz of side effects. O.O My belly is like 45 inches but my hips only 40.

  4. My dad has this, it's seems so weird because his stomach keeps getting bigger but it's also hard and the rest of his body is pretty skinny

  5. Fat guy: “Hey Google, I'm gonna lay on you for one second”


    No please I'll do anything please don't you don't know what it's gonna feel liAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. You also tend to eat more (or rather don't care that you're eating more) when you've had a few, also finishing the night with a kebab from the only place open at 3am is also contributing to it

  7. Testosterone does not decrease because of age. It is just a correlation and age related decline is a common misconception among pop science. It decreases because of bad health habits and due to fact that men get fatter as they age, it's not the other way around. And it's such a small decline(around %1 per 1-2 years) that even if it was the case, it wouldn't make that much of a difference.

  8. I feel like they could have given the actors real beer. Seeing that room temperature water going up and down in the bottles as they drink is offensive!

  9. 87% isn’t that much depending how common the disease is. If the chances for catching a made up disease called hfkdjdhc is .00000001%, then 187% of that is still nothing.

  10. Cant relate. And I DRINK.
    Just don't eat stuff while drinking, eat almost no calories the day after and then exercise starting two days after.

  11. BI failed here everyone missed the point they are talking about beer bellys when it clearly said the risk is not related to alcohol consumption

  12. I hate Alcohol. I get tired of seeing bottle openers on EVERYTHING camping and other areas such as key chains and multi-tools.

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