Why Protein Is King For Fat Loss

hey guys so in today’s video I’m going
to be talking about protein and I’m going to explain why it’s the best
macronutrient for weight loss and fat burning right so we have five main
macronutrients carbs protein and fat obviously and we also have alcohol and
fibre right and carbohydrates tend to be the ones symbolic of fat gain and are
not actually fattening inherently they’re just easy to overeat we have fat
as well right now we have protein and protein is also very symbolic of weight
loss and fat burning you have all those protein bars and whey protein shakes in
and a protein high protein it’s all advertised as being symbolic of both
muscle gain obviously and also weight loss and there’s a lot of truth to this
actually and protein out of the macronutrients is the master hormone if
you’re trying to lose weight so correlation correlation correlation
after correlation shows that protein is associated with alena physique right
people who eat more protein tend to the leaner now obviously this isn’t always
the case because you can eat a lot of protein and gain a lot of weight but
people who were dieting you know if calories are controlled for but one
person is having more protein the person having more protein is actually going to
lose more weight and that’s because protein has some important effects on
satiating hormones in our body responsible for appetite regulation as
well as making some important changes in the body in terms of metabolism so for
building muscle and also maintaining muscle if you’re dieting and a slight
clarks deficit you really don’t need to be getting more than 0.7 to 0.9 grams
per pound of body weight of protein so you can go upwards of that let’s say
you’re a 70 kg male writer 154 pounds you can eat upwards of about 150 160
grams of protein and that’s going to be plenty if you’re in a huge caloric
deficit and going more than this really is gonna have no impact on your ability
to gain muscle or retain it but increasing your protein over this
perhaps to 1.2 1.3 as long as you don’t have any sort of problem with your
kidney or something is going to be a real
good strategy for losing weight right and that’s because protein is going to
actually increase your metabolism so not only is gaining protein on your body
right gaining muscle a good way to increase your metabolic rate but
consuming protein takes more energy to digest when we compare that to
carbohydrates and fat protein it’s more thermogenic meaning it takes more heat
generation for protein to go throughout your system and be digested and
assimilated into the body that means that it’s advantageous over carbs and
fat when we’re talking about the metabolic rate no change to your
metabolism that it’s going to have is of course going to depend on how much
protein you have as well as what you consume it with but generally it can
increase your metabolism by up to a hundred calories per day so there are
also various different hormones in the body which regulate appetite sometimes
when they increase appetite decreases and vice versa so we have a hormone
called ghrelin right the hunger hormone and that increases a lot if you like
sleep and it makes you really hungry when you haven’t eaten for a while it
increases it’s producing the gut in the stomach and that signals your
hypothalamus and the brain to make you more hungry so protein when we compare
it to fat in carbs seems to increase ghrelin more meaning it’s a shi’ites us
more and makes us more full we also have other hormones like peptide YY after
tyrosine tyrosine this increases when you consume protein another one is glp-1
which also increases so the increase in cholecystokinin glp-1 pyy that increase
will decrease your appetite due to consuming protein so you also have to
consider building muscle if you’re doing really really intense physical activity
and you are under consuming protein you know you’re consuming 0.4 to 0.5 grams
per pound of body weight which isn’t gonna kill you obviously if you’re
consuming too little protein then you’re not going to be gaining as much muscle
and if you’re an experienced physical practitioner right you exercise for a
while and you’re dieting and you’re trying to retain muscle and you’re under
consuming a protein as well as doing a lot of resistance ful by weight training
then chances are you’re going to lose muscle and not retain that much um so
the idea with a consuming more protein is that you’re going to have an easy
I’m building muscle up to a certain point of course and if that’s the factor
which enables you to build more muscle than having more muscle on your body is
going to increase your metabolism because muscle is more thermogenic than
fat right the more muscle you have that equals more calories being burned at
rest so you can see that all these factors kind of combined together and
form a recipe for success when we’re talking about appetite regulation and
optimizing the metabolism so if you’re struggling with your appetite especially
around night time right and night time people tend to start craving a lot of
carbohydrates for whatever reason that maybe they’re less distracted that
entertaining themselves with shows and TV and stuff like that so if you get
hungry before bed a good snack will be to have something that’s relatively high
in protein some Greek yogurt might be a good example you know maybe you have a
little meat a bit of fish some nuts in Greek yogurt and with some fruit or
something like that but eating a bit of protein at the times that you get
hungrier is going to help you reduce your appetite and get away from those
urges to eat a lot of sweet food or a lot of junk food in general so you can
use proteins strategically in order to help with your weight loss goals thanks
for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed it and until next time guys
I’ll see you later be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram because I’m
gonna have a lot of new content coming on those platforms just for my personal
life as well as content to help you better yourself and improve your
nutrition and fitness so thanks as always peace you

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12 thoughts on “Why Protein Is King For Fat Loss

  1. Thank you Philip for the info
    So if you are not consuming carbs especially after workout, is protein changes to carbs (source of energy)? Because you said that protein take longer to digest so how if protein can change to carbs?
    So any differences in digestion among protein supplements, protein (animals) and protein (plants)?

  2. Hi! New sub here.
    What type( or kinds) of Protein would you recommend?
    Beef, veal, chicken, eggs etc.( organic, grass-fed…)

  3. Doesn't too much protein make the body go into gluconeogenesis and increase insulin? Haven't you been a long-time advocate of the ketogenic diet which holds fat higher than both protein and carbs?

  4. Such a desperate attempt at rationalizing you addiction to meat. You bromos are all the same. Fetishizing you bodies so you can feel a sense of self worth . Too bad animal protein is the biggest toxin on this planet. Stops autophagy in its tracks, promotes high insulin and drives cancer. Not to mention the immense cruelty and environmental destruction. You brocunts are all the same… little dicks and big protein.

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