Why should young adults get health insurance?

NARRATOR: Why is it important for young adults
to have health insurance? WOMAN 1: For health insurance I feel like
you need it now because nobody’s invincible its just like having car insurance, you can
always have a car accident. WOMAN 2: It’s a reassurance, knowing that
you have health insurance backing you up, in case of an emergency. MAN 1: You never know what’s going to happen.
I broke a bone in my foot like a year or two ago so if I didn’t have health insurance,
I would pay all that money out of my pocket. WOMAN 3: It’s so easy to go online and find
options for health care insurance. MAN 2: You know while you’re young and you
are still trying to figure out career paths whatever you want to do. You don’t want any
of that added debt, its definitely worth it versus the risk that you
could have without it. NARRATOR: To learn more
explore our website.

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