Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards

Hi I’m Jules
And I’m Julian And I’ve been growing my beard for 8 hours (months). What?! Minutes! Hi there follicly challenged friends, Jules
here for Dnews. Its 2016, and beards have become ubiquitous. Forcing hundreds of hairs out of the bottom
of your face has almost become a prerequisite in hip cities like Brooklyn, Portland, or
San Francisco. But that’s not really fair to everyone who
isn’t like me, and physically can’t grow a full or thick beard. As pre-pubescent boys, we lived to hope that
one day we’d be able to rock a giant face warmer. We were even counterintuitively told to shave,
so that the hair would come in faster and thicker. There are a lot of obvious reasons that’s
not in any way true, but we still optimistically did it. Sadly, the fact is, not everyone can grow
a beard, and even those that can have varying levels of success. So, is there some trick, or medication, or
just a dang explanation to make up for the beard variety? Your first inclination may be to say, “Well,
it’s testosterone and men with more testosterone grow better beards”. But that’s not quite right. Testosterone is part of a group of hormones
called androgens, which regulate sexual development. Specifically, testosterone regulates, among
a ton of other things, what we call, “male secondary sex characteristics”. That covers physical attributes usually associated
with men, but which are not directly involved in reproduction. Sure, beards are sexy, but you don’t have
sex with them. So, testosterone is the reason men (and some
women) have facial hair, more muscle mass, deeper voices and so on. But that’s NOT the reason some men can’t
grow beards. Here’s the tricky part: testosterone levels
on their own don’t predict hair growth; in fact, the chemical you’re really looking
for is called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is basically a super potent form of
testosterone that induces both beard growth and also… hair loss. And the trickier thing? Whether or not you can grow a beard, and whether
or not your hair falls out, is determined almost entirely by the number of androgen
receptors in the upper layer of your skin. The more androgen receptors you have, the
more DHT will bind to them, and more hair will appear on the lower half of your head,
and less on the upper half. The reason that the same chemical causes exactly
opposite results is because there is different gene expression based on the different types
of hair follicles. Unfortunately for my beardless or balding
buddies, the number of androgen receptors you have seems to be ultimately decided by
genetics. And while there are medications that can lower
the amount of DHT in your body, which is how some people fight male-pattern baldness, there
is little you can do to boost your number of androgen receptors to the point where you
turn a baby-face into a lumberjack. That’s not to say you can’t increase them,
studies show it is possible, it is just unlikely to have a serious effect on beard growth. But of course, there are exceptions. Men with plenty of androgen receptors and
DHT can end up developing alopecia areata, a skin disease that attacks hair follicles,
and results in large bald patches on the beard or scalp. Luckily, it’s treatable. There are also some women who are able to
growth dark, thick facial hair as a result of a condition called “hirsutism”. Just as in men, this can occur if the woman
has too many androgen receptors along with higher levels of testosterone, which women
already naturally produce in small amounts. And female facial hair is not uncommon; roughly
5% of women in the US have hirsutism. But in the end, I’m sorry to say, if you’re
a man in your 20s, and you’re still struggling to complete the lumberlook, then you’ll
likely be struggling for the rest of your life. At least be happy that you probably won’t
go bald anytime soon. And for those of you who are both scraggly
AND balding, my deepest condolences. Write your parent’s genetics a strongly,
stronly worded letter. One thing you can control, however, is how
your beach bod looks. Beachbody On Demand can help! Check them out online at DNewsBOD.com, where
you can get access a wide variety of workout programs including the world-famous P90X,
Insanity, Focus T25, and bunch of others. Sign up for Beachbody On Demand today and
get a FREE 30-Day Membership. But maybe you don’t even want a beard. After all, there’s all kinds of bacteria
living up there. Trace tells you all about how gross a beard
can be here. So, what about you? Does your facial hair follow your family lineage? Let us know down below in the comments and
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100 thoughts on “Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards

  1. I wish I couldn't grow a beard. I use to rock a full-on ZZ Top / Biker beard in my 20s now I just sport a Firefighter / Ron Burgundy mustache. But its a pain in the ass having to shave every day.

  2. How unlucky I am …I have light patchy beard and receding hairline and I'm only 20. Lookin forward for suicide

    Just kidding

  3. How can it be genetics? My dad can grow a full beard and has Wyatt Earp mustache. My older brother also can grow a full beard. I can grow a goatee , but my cheeks grow patchy. I’m 24 btw

  4. actually what does that mean that "you can't grow a beard"? I seriously don't know, is it:
    a) you just have very little amount of facial hair
    b) you have average amount of facial hair but only few of them are black
    c) your beard grows very slowly
    d) combination of the above
    ? cuz in my case it is definitely B – i can notice moderate amount of facial hair but only few of them are black but im only 19 i guess

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  6. i like to make fun of my older cousins since they are in their 20s and got little strands of hair on their face while i’m 16 and i got more than them🤣

  7. Your nytimes cutNpaste Must have been scribbled by a off world exchange student. I can't grow a thing (on my face) and I've never once been berated over it or felt anything because of it.

    I personally feel lucky, I save a fortune on all that expensive shite you hairy bastards waste your money on.

  8. A beard doesn't make a man but lack of the ability to grow a beard means he lacks an important part of masculinity

  9. The men in the thumbnail look as if they are about to kiss. Or that one American cartoon from the 2000's where they would say syllables and form words.

  10. im 21 right now and im struggling thankfully genetically my father is grandfather is 64 and has mostly black hair with basically no balding

  11. i’m almost 12 and i have a mustache. i’m also starting to grow a beard. thats what happens when you hit puberty at 9 years old lol

  12. I have trouble growing beard, my hair is good condition, have no problem with mr pokey, he wakes up before me most days, i save on razors and product but i really would like see my looking with beard, maybe no shave forever more?

  13. This video is factually incorrect. DHT has nothing to do with Alopecia Areata, which is an auto-immune disease. Please do your research before making "science" videos, Seeker. Look it up yourself.

  14. my brother is older than me and have full thick hair and no beard while i have full thick beard and thinning hair 🙁

  15. Im a little hairy for my age I think it's testerone my dad has facial hair but he's not a lumberjack but he says even tho he didn't have facial hair he got more girls than the kids that did

  16. Thumbs down on the bogus facial hair bacteria myth. Actually the opposite is true, clean shaven men are more likely to have life threatening bacteria, staph infection etc.


    "Workers with facial hair were less likely to be colonized with Staphylococcus aureus (41.2% vs 52.6%, P = 0.02) and meticillin-resistant coagulase-negative staphylococci."

    "Overall, colonization is similar in male healthcare workers with and without facial hair; however, certain bacterial species were more prevalent in workers without facial hair."

    Well, I didn't grow chest hair until my mid twenties. Now almost into my mid 30's, I grow nearly a full beard (fine/thin side burns unfortunately), hairy chest/stomach (not the forest type, I have straight hair, not the thick curled kind… a bit odd, like head hair) and straggles around the back lol. Was told to be a beard model the other day, but never would have been told that in my 20's… even as a weight-lifter and extreme athlete. I'm wondering if being so physically active delayed my hair growth… didn't stop baldness from settling in though. Sorry, the process is slower for some of us than others. There may be hope for you in your later years.

  17. Why did growing beards become fashionable? Is it some kinda resistance against the increasing feminization of society?

  18. Just remember guys there will always be somebody who grows less of a beard then you! Just rock what you got and be proud of it. Im 24 and my beard is just now starting to take a pretty good shape. I still have a little way to go but i remember trying to grow it out when i was 20 and it was really thin and weak grew it out now and its tremendously thicker and fuller just give it time and own your own look

  19. I knew a sophomore at my high school with a thick, full beard…lucky motherfucker. I still can’t grow shit.

  20. I have a gotye but it isnt as thick and I have a few chairs in my cheeks but their small and thin. I'm trying to grow a full beard and I'm 21. Shaving my almost non existent beard does make it grow a little faster. Just doesnt grow alot

  21. I'm 14 I'm gonna be able to grow facial hair fine I thing I will even be able to get a LeBron James but I don't think I will have a full beard

  22. I used to have normal stubble..its all but stopped growing…i cant find anything on this subject…its not patchy…i dont want a beard…its gone..

  23. Im 16 all I can get is a thin mustache, my uncle's on my mother's side grow loads of facial hair and my dad's side not so much, my brothers don't have much either but they didn't have any at my age

  24. I don't know what happened to me,i started growing a real strong Beard about 4/5 years ago and right now my terminal hairs turned to vellus hair one of the sides is almost completely snowwhite and it don't look like stubble anymore it look like peach fuzz. Anyone that knows what went wrong? Is it because it's dead hair and there will come new terminal hair again? Or will i have to live many years without a Beard?

  25. Who says some can’t grow a beard
    M8 get a Beard transplant
    Minoxidil But definitely eat healthy and look after yourself

  26. I'm quite hairy from the wais down, like, normal levels I mean. Going upwards it constantly diminishes. At least I'm not balding (yet) but damn, I wish I could grow at least a proper 'stache. I let it "grow" for almost 3 months and it was just like Cantinflas, if you know who that guy is 🙁

  27. I was told shaving would help grow a beard. At 16 I had no facial hair at all. I started shaving and then BOOM! I had stubble then my facial hair came in. Say what you want but shaving did cause my facial hair to grow. I was a smooth baby face until I started shaving. There were NO signs of hair growing in until I started shaving.

  28. Can grow one but more sense than too fall for the relentless marketing to sell men more products…. if you see so called research women prefer… women only…. do not read any further…

  29. Brooklyn ?Portland? Men in most parts of the country have been growing beards way before the “hipsters” decided this , and they don’t have silly man buns

  30. I have a boyfriend who is 2 months away from 30 and still no sideburns, only a very lowly populated "goatee" and a mustache that is larger on one side. The thing is that coming from a family of balds, all his cousins are bald and became bald pretty early, like 25-28, my boyfriend isn't loosing any hair, he can grow a fricking mane in just a couple of months. People have told me how can i go out with someone that younger, because he looks as if it was a 21year old guy, and im 26, and seem older. Anyway I'd rather be with a bearded man, than a bald man.

  31. This makes sense. I always wondered why my dad had a reseading hairline in his twenties and a thick beard and mustache, where I have full hair at 40 but my beard growth is limited to sideburns, goatee and mustache (that doesn't connect with goatee). I thought I would be bald by 30 and used to be concerned about it. Now he also has dark brown straight hair and mine is blonde, I guess I got my mom's side hair genes.

  32. All the comment sections of these videos are filled with guys trying to brag if they can grow a beard. You all look stupid, bragging about something you have no control over just makes it look like you have nothing you’ve accomplished to be proud.

  33. I lost my hair, I can't grow a full beard, my muscle mass is equal to women's, and my penis is small and I'm a heterosexual who can't get laid (gotta love white male privilege) SHOOT ME PLEASE!!!!

  34. What kind of Bull shit is that?! I know people who never ever gonna get Bald and they have the thickest and most impenetrable beards…..and then I’ve seen the quite opposite, the type with patchy stubbles and Male pattern baldness… so I guess it’s just the luck of the draw boy

  35. Dude, I can tell that you rogaine the shit out of your hair. You are clearly fighting your male pattern baldness with a fury.

  36. I can grow a really thick beard and im 21. I dont really like beards though and like to keep mine as stubble. All my friends always say how they wish they could grow a beard like mine, but the thing is I dont like having a beard too much. I feel sorry for people who cant grow a beard not because I think it looks bad (I actually prefer shaven look) but because I know what it feels like to want a physical feature and not be able to have it. Im a pretty normal sized guy, not much muscle mass but I know one thing that all us men can do that women love, which is getting yourself a greek god body. We all want things we cant have, some of those things can be achieved, some cant, but just remember there is always something to start working towards that you can achieve which will increase how attractive you are. Dont just focus on the thing you really wish you had and ignore all the other great features about yourself or things that you can guarantee a result with through work, for example your body. Stay healthy, stay funny and cheerful and stay positive.

  37. I should be sleeping. But it's no shave November and I'm embarrassed that I wont have a beard at the end of the month

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