Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

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36 thoughts on “Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

  1. Jesus.  This guy is creepy as hell.  He's marked his body all up, and he obsesses about each muscle, but he can't hang a picture on his apartment wall?  He's either afraid to express himself outside of his own body, or else he's got to surround himself with sterility as if he's afraid of too much stimulation.  There's SO much pathology being expressed in this video.  Seek therapy, Mr. Heria.

  2. No excuses my dumbbells are round they’ll roll if they are on the ground but if someone wants to truly exercises he won’t come up with excuses

  3. Yeah! I'm 60 years old, 230 lbs, with a weak painful left shoulder. I need to strengthen my shoulders to avoid surgery. just bought my 1st pair of 3 and 5 kg dumbell's. Aim to get 8kg when stronger. I'm a beginner. This is not for me. Goodbye.

  4. be careful on the clean and press workout, i accidently slammed a dumbell against my knee while coming up. hurt like a motha motha!

  5. Great advice, that upside down press is a bit much for beginners though.
    Btw impressive love for inking but the neck/throat is just 🙈

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