You hair feels like the hay? Turn it to silk 😍 An oil mask for dry hair 🌚 POLIgoONE

It is one of my favorite hair oils. I make hair shiny! Hi everyone! Today I will show you a hair mask made of
oils. It is already on me so let’s save time and
start! Who are you? I am a sesame oil. I am an avocado oil. It’s too crowdy here! I will make my mask of a few oils. First I take shea butter. I like it because it is non-comedogenic. Even people with combination skin can apply
it to the scalp. I will do it today. I am about to melt the butter on the water
bath. I put 3 teaspoons in the bowl. This butter has really amazing consistency
and it is natural. It smells kind of like peanut butter. I pour hot water to the green plate. The butter will tell us about itself while
melting on the water bath. Shea butter! Or just Shea! I am from Africa. My home is on the south of the Sahara desert. During the period of Cleopatra in ancient
Egypt I was stored in clay vessels. They used me to protect hair from the sun
and hot wind in drought. I can restore the skin’s ability to protect
itself. I protect from ultraviolet and slow down the
aging. Shea butter! The next oil is avocado oil. It is a very good hair oil as well. This oil is penetrating. It can penetrate the hair shaft and restore
hair structure. It is one of my favorite hair oils. The jar has a dispenser. You can squeeze the right amount on you palm,
to a fingertip and just apply to your skin. But this oil is comedogenic! It is not a good idea for people with oily,
combination and even normal skin to apply to a scalp or face with enlarged pores. This oil can clog pores. You can apply the oil to hair tips and length
down from the neck level. It will prevent split ends, brittle hair and
other problems. I add 1 teaspoon of avocado oil. Let’s give it a voice. Avocado oil! Do you know that the Aztecs applied avocado
to prevent dandruff and dry skin. They used me to massage joints to reduce pain. I penetrate into the dermal layer of the skin
and improve its protective functions. I make hair shiny and prevent split ends. Avocado oil! The next oil is argan oil. The oil of this brand isn’t pure. It has other ingredients like silicone, almond
oil, various extracts and natural aroma. This oil smells very good. I would say it has man scent. It smells like a Hindu you know))) It’s a
good not too manly wood scent. I don’t apply this oil to my scalp. You can apply only pure argan oil to your
scalp because it is non-comedogenic. It works great with oily hair and combination
skin. I am making a mask for hair shaft. By the way this oil is enveloping. It doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft. Maybe just a little bit, unlike shea butter,
coconut or avocado oil. When we mix penetrating and non-penetrating
oils we get better results. We let one oil to penetrate the hair shaft
and other to coat it with protective film. I add 1 teaspoon to the bowl. Argan oil! I live in the south-west of Morocco. Linoleic and oleic acid in my composition
have anti-inflammatory effect. I retain moisture in skin to prevent dehydration. I make it soft and moisturized. I am non-comedogenic if pure, you can apply
me to your scalp! Argan oil! The last oil I use today is kumkumadi oil. It is a natural Hindustani ayurvedic oil. The main ingredient here is sesame oil. Also herb “Shaffron”, sandal, milk, Yashtimadhu,
Dashamula. A lot of interesting Hindustani names. We have here a comedogenic sesame oil. It doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft but coats
it with protective film. It is better to apply on the length of your
hair. In India people mostly use this oil in skin
care, for face and body. If you are Vata Dosha, skiny, creative like
a wind, this oil would be good for your skin. It will keep you warm. I apply this oil on the length of my hair. I am adding 1 teaspoon to my mix of oil mask. Sesame oil! My seeds were one of the first crops processed
for oil. I am the most ancient oil. I am rich in vitamin E, folic acid and vitamin
B. I create a protective gown on your skin. But I am comedogenic and good in warming you
up. Do you remember a folk tale “Ali Baba and
the Forty Thieves”? There is a magical phrase “Open, O Simsim”. “Simsim” means “Sesame” in Arabic. Sesame oil! This is our shea butter. It really looks like peanut butter. I am adding 1 teaspoon to the bowl with oils. The rest of the butter we will apply to a
scalp. First you should comb your hair. I start with shea butter. This is it. I take a little bit of butter, rub my hands
together and carefully apply to my scalp. I am massaging from forehead to the back of
my head. I am using my fingers. Feels great! I massage it for about 3 minutes. The scalp is done and I move forward to the
shafts of my hair. I take the oil mix and apply to the length
by sections. The masks with oils are my favorite. It is easy to apply and spread. You can leave it on your hair for long time. Even the whole night or day. For the best results you should leave it on
at least for 4 hours. If it is a weekend and you don’t plan to go
out, apply some oil on your hair. Any oil – coconut, argan, unrefined olive
oil. It has to be natural oils! I use a comb to spread the oil. Look! hair behaves much better after this
mask. I didn’t use even a half of oils I mixed. I will use this treatment mask again in one
week. It is better to apply this mask a few times
per week if your hair is very damaged. For example on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
or on Sunday and Wednesday. Oil masks have a cumulative effect. Eventually your hair becomes better, stronger,
shinier. Remember! you can’t get rid of split ends
with oil. You have to cut them off. So you cut your split ends first and then
begin an oil mask treatment. It will prevent split ends in the future. Try to spread the oil all over the hair length. All links to purchase the oils I will leave
in the description. If you are interested in natural oils and
want to try out oil masks, click a link and choose! Also I have a discount promo code – POLI. I twist my hair in a high bun and keep it
like this for 4 hours. Then I wash it off with shampoo and we will
see the results.

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  1. Firstyl your title has grammatical mistakes, it’s supposed to be β€˜Does your hair feel like..” not β€˜Do you’.

    I am half Ukranian, and speak Russian fluently, as well as English. I can help you with your videos, specifically with the structure and grammar, since you seem to struggle with those. The content is rather interesting and intriguing however again, it’s hard to understand sometimes because the grammar is all over the place.

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