You’ll Never Eat Gummy Vitamins After Hearing This

Teens and kids prefer gummy vitamins over
multivitamins. I mean, they basically taste like candy, and
frankly, sometimes you wanna eat the whole friggin bottle. But what I’m about to tell you will make
you never want to eat gummy vitamins again Welcome back to IO, I’m Charlotte Dobre. A 14 year old boy ate 150 gummy vitamins for
breakfast, thinking they were gummy candies. He and his mother were immigrants, and he
didn’t know the difference between gummy vitamins and actual candy. Up until this point, he ate 30 to 40 gummy
vitamins every day, thinking they were candy. As time went on, his belly swelled up. His mother just assumed that he was eating
too much. Then one day, he ate 150 gummy vitamins. One hour later, he cant stop urinating, and
complains to his mother that he has terrible stomach pain. He trips and falls, and breaks his arm. Then his mother calls 911 and an ambulance
takes them to the hospital. As he’s sitting in the waiting room, he
begins to loose consciousness. He then slips into a coma. A physical examination showed that there was
fluid building up in his stomach, causing hypercalcemia, a high calcium presence in
the blood. Which is strange because there was no calcium
in the vitamins. He had also fractured multiple bones in his
arm from the fall. Blood samples showed that there was no presence
of any of the vitamins that should have been there. I mean, the kid took a lot of gummy vitamins,
yet he had no presence of vitamins in his blood. he was however dehydrated and had liver damage. What happened was, the excess vitamins he
had taken were absorbed into his liver, and were destroying it. He was suffering from hypervitaminosis, which
caused his brittle bones and hypercalcemia. The excess amount of vitamin A he was consuming,
caused his bones to break down, which is why, when he fell, his arm broke. The 150 gummies he ate for breakfast contained
187 thousand units of vitamin a. that’s 60 times the recommended daily amount,
and equal to eating 720 eggs. When there’s too much vitamin A in the body,
it pretty much cancels out vitamin D and prevents the absorption of calcium. A survey from Sweden and Norway showed that
people who consumed 5 thousand units of vitamin a per day, bone mineral density was 10 percent
less, and risk of hip fracture was more than double than people who consumed less than
5 thousand units per day. So what happened to the boy? Basically he had to wait for his liver to
flush out all the excess vitamin A. At this time, doctors don’t know what happened to
him. When they left the boy, he was on his way
to recovery. Moral of the story? Well, obviously don’t eat too many gummy
vitamins, but instead of getting your vitamins from a multivitamin, get them from fresh produce. If you eat a lot of food with vitamin A in
it, consuming a multivitamin every day on top of that might be unnecessary, and potentially
damaging. For more information on this topic, you should
definitely check out our video, you’ll never eat vitamins again after hearing this, clickable
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