Zuchtvorbereitung von Brieftauben – Frag den Berger – Röhnfried TV

Breeding preparations are characterised in that we try
to increase or improve breeding propensity. This works best if we use a product with a high vitamin E content. Therefore, we work today with our OptiBreed. This is a product that has not been on
the market for very long, but we have already received feedback
about very good experiences. And I have even used this product in the moulting season,
but now just before breeding it is in the feed almost every day. I take the time
to enhance the feed with OptiBreed; I put a good spoonful
onto the feed. I give it a good stir and then
add Entrobac to the feed. The function of Entrobac here is not really to
improve breeding propensity and stabilise the intestines.
Then I put a little K+K Protein 3000 on a small spoon and then
bind the whole lot together with our Immunbooster. Why Immunbooster?
Immunbooster is a product that boosts the immune system and also stabilises the
intestines. But in terms of the immune system,
I want the animals, the old animals, especially the mothers, namely the females,
to transfer a very good immunity to the egg and with this in mind,
this is the combination that I feed to them almost daily for a week during the mating phase
or prior to mating and that I then put in the feed almost
daily through to the egg laying then the egg deposition.

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